Junior Copywriter

San Francisco
Posted By:
Jessica Grenier

Job Description:

A San Francisco based Fortune 500 ​American clothing and accessories retailing company is looking for a contract Junior Coywriter tasked to write advertising copy to promote sale of goods and services by presenting information in an appealing, informative, concise and easy to understand manner by performing the following duties.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include:

  1. Communicate with internal and external customers for the best possible product presentation.
  2. Read/analyze technical information for each new product, and any existing products, for presentation in catalog and Internet.
  3. Observe the product in use, examine it, and use it when possible, to gain understanding.
  4. Attend all meetings related to catalog and Internet production, taking good notes on product and process. Write for all products on assigned pages for each catalog and for the Internet.
  5. Adjust all products and other copy to meet the needs of customers, marketing and management.
  6. Working knowledge of computers and aptitude to learn new programs.
  7. Track the progress of assigned pages throughout catalog process and track progress of products on Internet.
  8. Organize workload for efficient time-management.
  9. Meet multiple schedule deadlines on time.
  10. Write other types of documents such as news releases, letters of response, personal interviews, items for other departments, instruction manuals, etc.
  11. Read and maintain a library of current reference materials.
  12. Review copy using checklist and format copy according to department style guide.
  13. Check questionable details.
  14. Maintain accurate information in product files.
  15. Proofread and edit as necessary.
  16. Assist team leader and other copywriters as needed.
  17. Perform various clerical duties as needed.
  18. Consider laws governing copy such as registered and trademarked symbols, country of origin and material construction.


  1. Minimum of BA in English, Journalism, Advertising, Marketing or related field of study
  2. Writing experience in advertising or related field preferred (not required)
  3. Experience working on the internet preferred (not required)
  4. Ability to read, analyze and interpret all forms of information
  5. Ability to write for a variety of media and audiences
  6. Ability to conform writing to prescribed style format
  7. Excellent written and verbal communication/presentation skills
  8. Ability to accept and learn from constructive criticism
  9. Minimum of basic knowledge of MacIntosh and/or PC computers
  10. Ability to use desktop publishing programs (preferably QuarkXPress)
  11. Knowledge of MS Word and Excel (prefer FileMaker Pro as well)
  12. Minimum of basic Internet/e-commerce knowledge

Client Description:

Our Client is an Fortune 500 Apparel Retailer that has grown from a single store to a global business throughout its 46 year run!

Talent placed here are given the autonomy to be hands-on decision makers from day one. The company's leadership assumes a supportive role and applies a collaborative management style, offering the guidance and insight to help transform your suggestions into strategies.

This is an environment where co-workers are constantly challenging each other to learn and grow in their roles every day, which energizes the office, and creates forward motion, both on a personal level, and as a company. They’re experimenting with their digital reach, using tech as a catalyst for industry change - both online and in stores. With such robust focus and investment on innovation, employees have the opportunity to directly contribute to the changing landscape of the retail world!

The company culture here is one of relaxed, inclusive community with an ever-present focus on learning and development - both for the individual team member as well as the projects and initiatives that are driving the company forward. And, with tons of cool volunteering opportunities and initiatives, employees have the chance to become influential community leaders as they work for positive change.