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Indianapolis, IN
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Kimberley Strayer

Job Description:

As the Design Researcher, you will play a key role in accelerating our client's global and regional value creation process. You will apply customer insights discovery and lean experimentation techniques to surface customer’s experience, their challenges, pain points and needs in a collaborative way. You will be the global insights lead to coach and guide other teams in value creation such as strategy teams, product teams, marketing, sales and brand teams.

You will discover contextual customer insights through various insights research methods such as exploratory research, evaluative research, co-creation, observational research methods, etc. and using analysis and synthesis methods to design and validate personas, archetypes, journeys, service blueprints, eco-system maps, user stories and so forth. The results obtained will be significant to inform strategic business decisions such as for portfolio strategy, product strategy, commercial strategy and will be the foundation to inform the value creation process where new products, services and business models will be developed.

You will jump start the value creation process by facilitating customer empathy & customer experience immersion workshops, Design Sprints, Commercial Targeting Workshops and Lean Innovation Bootcamps. You will work within global, cross-functional product development teams, strategy teams and commercial teams by applying domain expertise such as cognitive and behavioral psychology, design thinking, lean startup, UX design and research, lean experimentation, visual communication, etc. to surface insights about user needs and to inform the design and development of new value propositions.

You will educate the organization on UX principles, design thinking, qualitative and quantitative research, lean and agile principles. You will also guide the organization to ensure that product & service solutions truly address important customer needs and thus deliver superior customer and business value by satisfying the functional, emotional and social needs of people living with diabetes, their personal and professional care givers; while addressing the needs of customers who pay for value.

You will plan, conduct and oversee work involving the largest and most important/complex projects. You will not supervise but will provide direction to team on projects and assignments. You will work with minimum supervision and review progress with management.

  1. Design, development and planning of customer insights research process, tools, methods, research sessions, customer experiments, etc. (exploratory research & evaluative research). Discovery of unmet needs of customers and end users across all phases of the product development and commercial sales funnel cycle by designing and conducting primary research activities that incorporate exploratory and participatory research, contextual inquiry, heuristic assessment, survey instruments, usability testing, and related techniques.

  2. Execution of (conduct) customer insights research (e.g. primary field research, online/digital research, etc.). Analysis, synthesis and translation into unmet needs, pain points, barriers, etc.

  3. Design, co-create, validate and visualize customer journeys, service blueprints, eco-system maps, customer archetypes, customer personas, affinity maps, task analyses, work models, usability test reports, competitor benchmarks, use cases scenarios and storyboards.

  4. Design customer need and customer problem experiments to test and validate hypotheses about customer problems, customer needs, customer barriers, challenges, behaviors, perceptions, decision drivers, motivators, etc. to inform evidence based decision making process.

  5. Design & conduct evaluative research, e.g. to understand “solution-fit” through customer experiments to learn about potential value of solutions, such as new product/service concepts, new business models, messaging, positioning, etc. to inform evidence based decision making process.

  6. Collaborate with internal and external design teams to incubate and prototype value propositions, service concepts, user experiences incl. new business models etc. Deliverables include sketches, workflows and User Interface (UI) designs, and interactive UI prototypes. Create low- through high-fidelity concepts and prototypes for rapid experimentation and testing to achieve need-solution fit and product-market fit.

  7. Plan and co-facilitate customer experience immersion workshops for design and commercial teams to gain empathy and to establish a Roche decision culture that is customer centric. Plan, co-facilitate design sprints and lean innovation boot camps.

  8. Lead internal and external customer development, customer discovery and product development projects and initiatives. Analyze and synthesize qualitative and quantitative data to inform the design of journeys, archetypes and segmentation.

  9. Serving as our global UX Research Leader for all user experience related questions. Acting as a user experience leader for others teams in the organization and for the Global Market Insights Team by creating opportunities for them to learn, apply, grow and scale user experience across the organization.


  •   Master's degree in Design Research, Social Science, Behavioral Psychology, Interaction Design or a related field of study and a minimum of 5 years of progressive experience as a design researcher or related role

  •   Visual communication design to develop and design customer journeys, personas, service blueprints, workshop material

  •   Qualitative research and quantitative research experience with focus on digital products and services

  •   Creative problem solving and design thinking

  •   Digital prototyping, service prototyping, business model prototyping

  •   Skilled at applying both design and research methods to data gathering, analysis and synthesis.

  •   Facilitation of insights immersion workshops, design sprints, analysis and synthesis workshops.


  •   Understanding of cognitive and behavioral psychology principles

  •   Lean experimentation techniques for customer experiments

  •   Compelling storytelling: A critical element of this role is to deliver insights about people and behavior - verbally and visually - in a way that generates empathy, emotion, and engagement from the client and design team.

  •   Track record of successfully conceptualizing and executing design research projects through a comprehensive user-centered design process that includes qualitative research, formative and summative testing, prototyping, heuristic assessment, application of research literature, and generation of design requirements.

  •   Strong communications (written and verbal), negotiation, and problem solving skills.

  •   Strong level of self-motivation and ability to work independently.

  •   Ability to travel domestically and internationally up to 30%, including overnight stays.