Digital Product Manager

Seattle, WA
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Ali Brosokas

Job Description:

Lead the ongoing management for the website, mobile messaging platform and measurement and insights reporting for Public Affairs.

Works independently a lot
1. Website – Project manager interfacing with stakeholders and ongoing roadmap, story-telling and bring objectives to life > Digital experience focused
2. Mobile Messaging Platform – managing operations around how we manage that platform and interface with Aeroship the service provider
3. MOST IMPORTANT – Measurement, analytics and insight- up level our ability to pull together all these different measurements and build digital dashboards, more reporting and insights

Specific job duties include:
• Collaborate with Public Affairs marketing and content teams on upcoming campaigns on stories to ensure the Stories site is ready.
• Lead the feature strategy on Stories roadmap in collaboration with cross functional teams, including marketing, content, and communications teams.
• Manage vendor relationships.
• Main point of contact for technology and vendors for all things related to networking, SSO, and security.
• First point of contact for all bugs and site issues.
• Regularly work with global PA teams who manage each regional Stories site to help them meet their business and storytelling needs.
• Lead ongoing operations on mobile messages.
• Lead technology integrations across public affairs marketing team.
• Work cross functionally on measurement of campaigns and channels in the PA dashboard and QBR.
• Collaborate on analytics and measurement inquiries.
• Stay up to date and share trends in consumer technology, social, and advocacy.

-Confidence and expertise in managing digital products and groups of people
-Comfortable communicating with marketers, creators and stakeholders
-Interpersonal skills
-Someone that can get up to speed quickly

1 Measurement, Analytics and Reporting experience (5 years min)
2 Digital Product management experience (5 years min)
3 Communication skills (5 years min)