Washington, DC
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Chris Woodbridge

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Our client, one of the largest non-profits in the US, with a very user-centric vision and a strong social mission is looking for a strong Proofreader. Proofreads and sometimes edits all original and acquired editorial content across platforms to maintain the highest standards for clarity, readability and accuracy in consumer publishing. Performs additional editorial support functions as necessary. Supports all formats -- print, Web, priority blogs, e-books, tablet, etc.
* Examines body text, headlines, decks, captions, credits, charts and all other editorial components for corrections in spelling, grammar and style; and possible improvements in meaning, clarity, cohesiveness, balance, "missing pieces," repetitions and other problems.
* Examines photos and illustrations for any possible content problems.
* Fact-checks copy for errors as required (basic fact-check only).
* Reviews all online copy prior to publishing for formatting errors, broken links and other usability flaws.
* Works efficiently and meticulously on deadline, able to work independently and as part of a team; is flexible and takes initiative to provide creative solutions to copy-editing and other editorial problems.
* Collaborates with editors and designers.
* Exercises sensitivity to editors' objectives and writers' voices, and demonstrates writing skill, in-depth grasp of grammar and usage, and analytical judgment to incorporate changes that achieve clarity and proper style.
* Develops, maintains and enforces, in collaboration with peers, style guides.
* Works well within established copy-flow and procedures.
* May promote articles and blog posts through social media.