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Mountain View, CA
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Suzy Thompson

Job Description:

The role of the Communication Manager involves partnership and collaboration within Operations, and also with teams outside of and across the company. It covers communications throughout the T-V-C lifecycle from major change mass communications to special communications campaigns to ad hoc and one-off comms that arise day-to-day from the team.

This role includes content strategy, creation, and editing to encourage contact avoidance, to address pain points for users/clients, to improve the experience people have with Program Ops and the extended workforce, and to make sure people are getting the info they need where and when they need it. There is a lot of collaboration with teams in the temp, vendor, and independent contractor spaces for how-to guides, training decks, surveys, user help centers.

Daily Responsibilities:

  • Communications Strategy & Management:
    • Managing the day-to-day comms for Operations in collaboration with the team
    • Creating communications templates and processes, creating a consistent Program Ops voice
    • Writing and editing comms across Ops
    • Working with Pontoon on comms updates
    • Anticipating where people will go for info during major updates and providing content there
    • VMS updates and ongoing communications (when there are any)
    • Consulting on sensitive comms in-the-moment
    • Sending comms using Gamma and Dippin Dots
    • Running analytics on comms campaigns using Sampi data
    • Maintaining the Program Ops editorial calendar
    • Cleaning data for send lists
    • Collaborating with Risk comms manager on major communications campaigns (e.g. Code of Conduct, Non-Chrome Device Exception, Embargoed country nationals)


  • Content Creation, Management & Strategy:
    • Creating (in collaboration), updating, editing, sharing training materials (including decks, quick reference guides, e.g. Advance manager training deck, Essentials of temp hiring deck)
    • Creating, drafting, editing, and sending the Program Ops Report quarterly
    • Writing, editing, and maintaining go/tvc (using Redwood)
    • Monitoring buganizer for user edits to go/tvc (client interaction)
    • Creating ongoing management process for help center
    • Collaborating on, writing, and editing new materials for Ops (e.g. new independent contractor how-to guide, updated go/tvc content and intake form; making FAQs to encourage contact avoidance; consulting and editing on the hiring manager satisfaction survey, etc. Lots of this kind of stuff comes up from week-to-week)
    • Updating moma for SEO
    • Writing Moma Featured Answers for important content
    • Analytics for go/tvc (using Pulse data), the onboarding hub, the Ops Report
    • Writing and editing any special pieces of collateral that come up, (e.g. the Learning on the Loo doc that we caught and were able to substantially edit and re-write)
  • Special Projects (Project Management):
    • Project planning and management
    • Research (focus groups, surveys, best practices) and writing
    • Stakeholder engagement and management
    • Creating presentations
    • Creating, developing, executing new projects that contribute to the overall goals of Program Ops from a communications and knowledge management perspective


  • BA/BS degree (Manager is open to area of study, Communications degree preferred). 
  • 5-7 years of experience in writing and communications in corporate setting. 
  • Project or change management experience. 
  • Effective written and verbal communication skills, with the ability to write in the company voice and with tact and diplomacy. 
  • Strong partnership and stakeholder management experience with an ability to influence without authority and across multiple teams. 
  • Creative problem-solver, with the ability to think, plan, and execute on multiple projects autonomously and in an organized fashion, balancing the long-term and urgent needs of the team. 
  • Demonstrated ability to work calmly and collaboratively in fast-paced and ambiguous environments, maintaining good judgment and the ability to escalate appropriately.

Desired/Preferred Experience:

  • Customer service experience
  • Knowledge of Google docs/Google Sheets to create pivot tables or other data tables
  • Proven experience using Salesforce Marketing Cloud


  • HTML

Client Description:

One thing we know is that this client, as big as it is, is still setting the standard for not only the product they’re turning out, but for the way they conduct business.

Our client is the global leader in technology, with offices in many major cities. As different as those cities are, you can expect that the personality of each office is the same. Commonalities include bringing people together in the physical work space, outlets for creativity (outside work-related exercises), and a setup for brainstorming on the fly, whenever the opportunity strikes.

What they see in your resume, if you’re selected, is your ability to be an autonomous thinker, and a team player; someone focused, and driven to push the envelope who can also let down their guard and have fun with the team while doing it; someone who has the intellectual capacity to challenge even the most innovative thinkers without the hubris that tends to accompany it. No egos here!

Here, everyone is considered a project owner, and expected to give 100%, even when the path forward isn’t necessarily clear.

Work here, and know you’re working with a Forbes #1 rated company.

Work here, and know you’re setting the pace for digital products globally.

Work here, and find the challenge of your career!

And in case you’re afraid you won’t have time for other things, you’ll be able to take advantage of:

  • Fitness center access

  • Discounts on things like dry cleaning and oil changes

  • Free lunches

  • Convenient commuter shuttles