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New York
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Paige Eddington

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Job Description
The Scrum Master supports the team on their understanding of Agile and deliver a product. It is the Scrum Master’s role to teach the team agile practices, facilitate Scrum ceremonies, remove impediments and shield them from external distractions. Scrum Master brings the Product Owner and the team together and helps them understand each other. This individual is also a personal coach for team members and an innovator who constantly seek continuous improvement and builds high performing teams.

Key Accountabilities
▪ Build and coach high performing teams
▪ Look for ways to strengthen teams understanding of Agile / Scrum
concepts and principles
▪ Ensure teams actions are aligned with the project goals / vision
▪ Ensure Scrum practices are used and improved within and across teams
▪ Bring transparency to Business and IT organization about development
and grow trust
▪ Identify trade-offs between short and long term benefits to drive shared
vision between the team and product owner
▪ Foster a continuous learning environment helping teams to inspect &
▪ Follow health, safety, and environmental policies, EEO, Standards of
Business Conduct, and all other applicable company policy and
▪ Share a responsibility to advance the company’s mission by excelling at
our three corporate priorities – safety of our people and the public,
operational excellence in all that we do, and ensuring the best possible
customer experience

▪ Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience (3-5 years professional experience) of delivering of developing software
▪ Degree specialization in engineering, information systems or related field is a plus
▪ Optionally, certified Scrum Practitioner (CSP) or Certified Scrum Coach (CSC)

Knowledgeable about various Agile methodologies and experienced in coaching Scrum and Kanban teams.
▪ 3+ years of relevant work experience with Agile and Scrum
▪ Interested in hands-on building a high performing team (e.g., removing impediments, writing backlogs, facilitating planning,
orchestrating demos, tracking velocity) vs. only coaching
▪ Experience introducing agile to new product teams (design + development); not just transforming Waterfall into Agile
▪ Knowledgeable about various Agile methodologies; Experienced in especially SCRUM and KANBAN
▪ Fluency in scrum fundamentals, esp.
– a. Comfort with facilitation of key ceremonies – refinement, standup, planning, review, retro
– b. Proactively recognize and remove impediments for team
– c. Comfort working with cross-functional teams, understand how the roles should work together
– d. Partner with product owner to prioritize backlog

Individual Skills
Strong communication skills – Able to propagate information promptly, clearly, and unambiguously
▪ Team Leadership – Experienced in assessing how the team is doing and drive necessary actions to improve
▪ Able to develop and foster teamwork and facilitate team dynamics
▪ Excellent problem-solving, organizational and analytical skills, with the ability to coach and mentor team a Scrum team
▪ Cultural / personality fit with agile values (responding to change over following a plan, working software over working pieces,
individual and interactions over processes and tools, self-drive to solve problem vs. getting told what to do / delegating)

Mindset & Capabilities
Assertive, with the confidence to be voice of authority – not afraid to do what is best for the team
▪ Brings a high-energy and passionate outlook to the job and can influence those around her/him
▪ Able to build a sense of trust and rapport that creates a comfortable & effective workplace.

Physical Demands
Able and willing to travel within Company service territory, as needed
▪ Able to participate in the Company’s emergency management processes and storm plans as required