Blockchain - Marketing Program Manager

Chicago, IL
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Mali Gupta

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Blockchain SGI Marketing Support - PROGRAM MANAGER 

Job description: 
The demand for Blockchain marketing is great and our Corporate Marketing team has so many critical initiatives underway, they need more help – specifically a marketing program manager. 
This will include the following responsibilities: 
• Coordinate and manage events/hackathons, including our own events and round tables plus keeping track of what events are out there for our teams across the globe to attend, including managing a calendar to keep local teams informed 
• Managing the professional community of practice site—currently with more than 9K followers, and our monthly community call (with 700+ participants) and to help keep the internal community informed and engaged. 
• Ensure client-facing materials/PPTs are updated and in good shape – on message and on brand. 
• Manage our client credentials to assure these are submitted through the appropriate approval processes and are clearly marked for our teams to use. 
• Help to coordinate with global marketing teams to keep them informed re: what we’re doing and getting a sense of where we can support their initiatives. 
• Manage our analyst RFI process, working with SMEs, analyst relations and marketing lead to keep them up-to-date 
• Collate new competitive research we’ve just completed into a cohesive summary and help to keep it up to date. 
• Help to manage/track invoicing/expenditures for events and other miscellaneous needs. 
• Assist in blockchain marketing project management and team calls to track status and updates.