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Jamie Moshier

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The learning team supports all learning for this 5000+ global group of employees. 
We have a mix of video, writers, editors, graphic and instructional designers, so there’s creative freedom to develop highly impactful content. Our work involves creating learning that’s compelling and useful and resonates with our millennial audience. We develop content across a mix of media and have a platform that our audiences are highly engaged with. There is a high-performance culture with the same level of team and management support to make sure the work produced is exceptional. 

Role Purpose 
You’ll work as part of the learning team and be a key part of the change management process; working from consultation, to the design of content built for the audience of 600+ people globally. Your focus will be on building out full Management and leadership content for primarily first line managers that supports them from day one through to career development. 


• Ability to interpret and build briefs, initiating projects to build effective content packages. 
• Innovates through idea conception to connect content solutions to business needs. 
• Has mechanisms for understanding an audience, stays close to their needs and is able to stay current on what they think and feel. 
• For online content: Support your media designer peers by collaborating on the learning journey, considering content for use in video, graphics, audio, copy, activities and quizzes to feed into the online learning 
• For facilitator-led content: Design relevant and achievable objectives, visually appealing materials and clear guidance for the facilitators to present high quality learning content that works globally 
• Push the boundaries of what’s possible in learning, always looking for innovative ways to help continuous learning 
• Designs in collaboration and balances this with a bias to action. 

• Proven experience building powerful content and considering the user experience of it. 
• Presents ideas clearly, with excellent communication skills with the ability to handle both executive leadership and operational teams, adapting style to different audiences as needed. 
• Collaborate across multiple channels from inside and outsidethe learning team. 
• A 50/50 mix of strong organization and creative skills. 
• Ability to develop content that’s compelling and useful for our audience. 
• Ability to effectively simplify content, deducing complex ideas into simple, easy to understand content. 
• Translate designs into strong visual materials. 
• Ability to deal with ambiguity and change 

• 3-5 year’s experience building highly effective content – learning or otherwise 
• Experience in considering global needs. 
• Experience in planning the production of multiple work streams and multiple content types. 
• Strong organizational skills and an ability to prioritize based on the needs of the business. 
• Experience using Mac and Microsoft Office. 

Knowledge and Behaviour 
• Creative thinker who can also organise themselves and others. 
• Problem solver. 
• Helps the team win. 
• Excellent communicator. 
• Shows judgement when analyzing and making decisions. 
• Audience focused. 
• Innovative in developing solutions to problems. 
• Excellent time and workload management skills. 
• Ability to prioritize. 
• Enthusiastic and positive attitude. 

We’re looking for an exceptional content creator so please submit examples of the work you are most proud of via your website or attachments.