Graphic Designer

San Francisco, CA
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Tammie Letroise-Brown

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Graphic Designer

Deep experience within a discipline—Must demonstrate significant working experience and a firm understanding of their space (web, print, interactive, etc.).

•              3+ years experience working in domain area

•              Familiarity with UX tools and UX design is a plus

•              Work closely with Art/Creative Directors to develop and maintain the aesthetic of the brand and ensure all materials are designed and produced accordingly

•              Ability to handle open-ended design projects that may be ambiguous or ill-defined

•              Helpful and willing to answer questions within the team

•              Willing to constructively receive, weigh, and integrate diverse feedback from a multi-disciplinary team

•              Able to work effectively in a fast-moving environment


Motivated participant and design advocate—Has a presence with the marketing teams as a key contributor and proponent for effective communications to the target audience.

•              Proactively identifies and communicates issues and proposes solutions

•              Works directly and collaboratively with campaign and functional marketing teams

•              Actively seeks out and involves other members as appropriate to improve the marketing program(s)

•              Recognizes and takes responsibility for their impact on the marketing programs and communications

•              Sets own deadlines within the project schedule

•              Embodies the mission and goals of the Studio

•              Understands the marketing campaign life cycle and is familiar with the different phases in the process

•              Eager to broaden skills and domain expertise


Strong presentation and communication skills—Is required to present and communicate their design work to others within Studio and outside.

•              Presents designs in a clear, confident, professional, and cogent manner

•              Able to explain design rational for design decisions to a broad audience

•              Able to regularly communicate status and share design iterations on Studio website