Partner Account Manager

Toronto, ONT
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Tova Dodge

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This organization is in the middle of a transition to be a devices and services company, changing the products that we build and the way that we go to market. Technology plays a greater role in helping small and mid-sized customers be successful than ever before and our company is at the heart of that shift.

The priority of this role is increasing our business in SMB gaining relevance and revenue in this specific market (customers with fewer than 500 users). To do this, you’ll need to think creatively and broadly about the range of options for our company to reach these customers. You’ll work closely with marketing, partner and other sales groups and be looking for ways to run effective influencer partnerships that can scale. They key is helping our partners increase their sales velocity and mix by providing coaching, training and leadership. You will be the go to person for them within our company to help them grow their business. 
As a group, we get to work with a diverse set of people and organizations and each week will give you different experiences. You’ll work from different places including our offices, distribution partners’ offices, large transactional partners’ offices, small solution partners’ offices and your own home. You’ll also get to work with fantastic people across hte company, who are passionate, full of energy and dedicated to helping our customers and partners be successful with our technology. 

This role is focused on growing the unmanaged Partner & Customers business. In order to do that, you will: 
1. Understand our Licensing Agreements, identifying potential and current customers, achieving our sales target for the year. 
2. Drive sales with our Large partners, working with the marketing and sales team to identify and generate opportunities that align to our strategy, and work across the company to drive those leads to be closed. 
3. Work as part of the SMB build with team, responsible for building new partnerships and routes to market with IT organizations as a way to generate opportunities for the company. 
4. Focus on Customer experience across all customer interactions, looking for ways to improve customer experience and perceptions of the company. 

Work Experience and Skills 
- Partnership focused sales and business development experience with a proven track record of the ability to build and manage partnerships and deliver against ambitious targets. 
- A solid understanding of the Canada Small and Medium business segment and the ability to work with individual partners as well as think of ways to achieve scale across the market. 
- The ideal candidate will have experience of working in the SMB market, with a good understanding of the existing and potential routes to market as well as an understanding of groups and organizations that influence customers in Canada 
- Be comfortable talking about business and sales pipeline, including the ability to articulate industry trends and how technology is a driver for business performance. Ideally, the candidate will be familiar with overarching industry trends, such as Cloud and Mobility and their impact on SMB customers. 
- A solid sales management experience to drive our sales team efforts to deliver our goals. Strong pipeline and forecast management and control to deliver our promises to shareholders. 
- An exceptional focus on customer satisfaction through one-to-one, one-to-many and cross-market activities. 
- Be able to work independently and to manage their time across multiple priorities and deliver against agreed targets. 
- Be an excellent communicator, able to work with senior business owners, individual salespeople and be comfortable talking to large audiences in person and online. 
- A good understanding of large enterprise tech companies and how to operate to a high level in a matrix organization, including marketing, account management, support and operation. 

Has a Bachelor’s Degree or comparable Master’s Degree or equivalent preferred