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Redmond, WA
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Tammie Letroise-Brown

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Job Description

Our client  is a world class web search portal with millions of users per day. The local search team has a need to perform measurements on web data in the US markets. The role will require you to put yourself in our users place: to understand their queries and the results. Judging which results are best and why. You will be responsible for collecting, tagging/labeling contents (web results and documents) for use as index entries to help improve the quality of search results. In addition, you will also be judging parts of data that is used to create the results. You will also be verifying and entering data into a database using custom software or tools. 

Reason for the work: 
We have a constant need to generate new training data for and measure the results of our local search engine for the US markets. For that we need web analysts who can provide the necessary human judgment component. 
Summary of work to be done: 
Analyzing and researching query terms and results to understand the customer’s intent and improve search results creating a better customer experience. Analyst needs to be able to take vague instruction and generate relevant results.