UX Researcher

San Diego, CA
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Corey King

Job Description:


  • Interact with clients to determine requirements and set expectations.
  • Analyze and report on user data to inform design and deployment.
  • Create user scenarios and stories to coordinate with other teams.
  • Design and lead user focus groups and data collection.

Required Skills:

• Research craft expertise & leadership - Guides product managers and designers in reframing their questions and assumptions into clear research goals, testable hypotheses, and learning plans. Effectively applies a wide range of generative and evaluative methodologies - grounded in a deep understanding of best practices - to answer strategic questions and inform learning plans. Clearly articulates methodology recommendations and best practices to educate product teams on quality research.

• Skilled moderation - Asks open ended, non-leading questions and follows up appropriately with probing questions to understand customer’s mental models, get at the root cause of issues and elicit rich stories. Able to effectively adapt to the flow of discussion and pivot off-script to follow relevant threads more deeply. Comfortable managing difficult participants, exploring contradictions, and leveraging stimulus or participatory activities to gain a deeper understanding of customer motivations and needs.

• Strong analysis & synthesis - Balances bottoms-up with top-down analysis to identify emerging key themes backed by data. Shows good intuition on what matters and what doesn’t when analyzing data. Synthesizes multiple sources of data (qual/quant/analytics) into more meaningful strategic insights and basic frameworks that inform product strategy decisions.

• Communication for impact - Tells a clear, concise, and well organized story of the research that brings insights to life. Visualizes key findings and frameworks to simplify complex ideas. Provides clear implications, recommendations, and/or provocations to elicit action and inspire ideation.

• Holistic point of view - Brings an outside-in, holistic, end-to-end customer perspective to influence stakeholders and advocate for customer needs. Connects the dots across initiatives to ensure seamless customer experiences. Partners with other data teams and brings in other data sources (secondary research, trends, industry best practices/heuristics) to develop a holistic data-backed perspective.

• Influence and collaboration - Influences cross-functional partners to focus efforts on strategic innovations that have the largest business impact. Inquires and questions assumptions to stretch what’s possible. Makes space for all teammates to feel heard and contribute to key decisions.

• Autonomous and accountable - Works independently across multiple product teams. Expert at managing multiple project workstreams with complex timelines.


• BA/BS or equivalent real-world experience

• Minimum of 5 years of design research experience in a professional environment

• Deep expertise in user experience, usability, and design thinking strongly preferred

• Workshop planning and facilitation experience and/or quantitative research expertise a plus