Sr. Web Developer

Washington, DC - Metro accessible (ON-SITE)
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Cynthia Escalante

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In Addition, this Talent will provide technical support for an average of 8-12 hours of monthly system administration support . Support for after-hours emergencies.

**NOTE: This is an estimate for routine maintenance tasks performed at various times throughout any given month. In the event of unforeseen circumstances/emergencies or the launch of a new initiative, such as a migration to a new domain name, this estimate may be significantly exceeded. agency.gov runs on WordPress. Staff is able to run the website on a day-to-day basis without assistance.

Tasks that will be handled by current staff include:

● Managing content

● Managing WordPress user accounts and permissions

● Installing and upgrading plugins

● Upgrading the version of WordPress itself

However, staff is not responsible for backend system administration duties.

Support for the following tasks is needed.

Restoring database backups and AMI snapshots

Data can become corrupted in the following scenarios:

● The website is hacked (less likely)

● An upgrade of either a plugin or WordPress itself fails or causes unexpected behavior

(more likely)

If either of these events occur, the most recent nightly backup of the file system and/or database may need to be restored.

Restarting an AWS instance

The AWS instance that runs the website occasionally needs to be restarted.  This is the task that is most likely to require intervention during non-standard work hours. 

Working with Akamai

Akamai occasionally reaches out with updates related to all of the agency web properties. They need a point of contact to approve changes that they roll out on behalf of the agency.

Managing SSH keys

If a new developer or designer needs shell access to the systems, an SSH key and user account will need to be created on the staging and production servers.

Managing SSL certificates

SSL certificates need to be updated from time to time.

Upgrading Linux and PHP

The version of Linux and PHP that is running on the agency server should be updated for security reasons from time-to-time and there needs to be someone who will perform this task.

Client Description:

An independent federal agency providing trusted and objective news and information in 47 languages to a weekly audience of more than 237 million people around the world. For over 75 years, journalists have told American stories and supplied content that many people cannot get locally: objective news and information about the US, their region and the world.  Connecting with audiences on five continents showcasing the thoughts and institutions that make America unique.

Using broadcast and digital platforms, including web, and mobile media to engage viewers, listeners, users, and friends. Radio and television broadcast to approximately 3,000 affiliates, and satellite transmissions reach countries where free speech is banned or where civil society is under threat.  Their mobile apps have registered more than 1 million downloads and cater to users on all major mobile platforms. With the largest audience of all U.S. international media, continues to be a beacon of hope for underserved audiences who yearn for information about freedom of expression, civil society, and change.


Aquent is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to providing employment opportunities to minorities, women, veterans, and disabled individuals.


Technical requirements

Meeting the aforementioned technical requirements requires access to staff with the following skillsets:

● Amazon Web Services management. Staff should be comfortable with all of the following responsibilities:

○ Logging into the AWS console

○ Restarting EC2 instances

○ Allocating and assigning Elastic IP addresses, and

○ Restoring RDS backups and AMI snapshots

● Basic Linux administration skills

● Basic Apache configuration skills

● An understanding of SSL certificates and how to install and update them

● Basic MySQL database administration skills