Sr Front End Developer

Louisville, KY
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Kate Gottfried

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This role is responsible for creating client-side web solutions to meet business needs and objectives with an end goal of providing a seamless experience for our end-users. Candidates in this role should show advanced knowledge in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS as well as possess the skills necessary to work in a collaborative environment with business, design, and IT partners. 

As a Senior Developer you are expected to play a leadership role on the team where you can assist in creating and maintaining standards across our applications and help guide other developers in the proper direction in all areas of the development phase. As a subject-matter expert, you will be expected to deliver on architectural-guided solutions by providing guidance, oversight, and knowledge to a team of developers while also leading by example in your own work. 
• Create semantic, W3C valid, accessible, cross-browser compatible front-end web pages, components, and websites. 
• Create, maintain, and implement loosely-coupled, modular JavaScript solutions. 
• Act as a consultant to an agency, vendor, IT, or the Digital IT team to ensure projects are semantic, W3C valid, accessible (as required), and cross-browser compatible. 
• Deliver subject matter expertise within the realm of integrating front-end technologies with back-end systems, MVC patterns, and third-party services. 
• Work within current constraints of a pre-existing website or application to extend functionality or support User-Experience (Design) direction. 
• Work in a Scrum/Agile type environment and deliver upon assigned work in a timely manner over the course of an iterative project time-table. 
• Be available for execution or support of production turns. 
• Troubleshoot and resolve issues, problems, and errors encountered across our web properties, internal applications, and systems as reported or experienced. 
• Provide expertise to influence project, initiative, and maintenance technical direction during discovery, planning, and implementation stages. 
• Maintain modern development standards with best-practice approaches to front-end coding and development processes. 
• Stay current on industry trends and knowledge and utilize the information to guide the team. 
• Provide post-launch verification of features and changes. 
• Ensure and maintain an expected level of accessibility in our applications. 
• Ensure design parity to provided comps while still meeting development and accessibility standards. 
• Provide leadership and oversight to a team of developers to ensure a high level of quality, standards, and best-practices through guidance, education, and review practices. 
• Be the voice of the development team in communication with business, design, and IT partners. 

Job Expectations 
• Must be advanced in several front-end specific areas and technologies, including: 
   o HTML, JavaScript, and CSS 
   o W3C Web Standards 
   o Accessibility 
   o Cross-browser compatibility 
   o Content Management 
   o Performance 
   o Progressive Enhancement 
• Must have an advanced knowledge of back-end systems/development including integration points, the MVC pattern, and working with third-party APIs and services. 
• Must be dedicated to best-in-class user experience of all users, including users with disabilities and users of assistive technologies. 
• Assist in the creation, documentation, and the maintaining of developmental best-practices. Version control (Git), meaningful commenting and documentation, and standard indentation and formatting are all examples of this model. 
• Recognize our roadmap and strategically communicate an agenda to reach our goals. 
• Understand browser support/standards and recommend adopting certain technologies. 
• Work with internal members of the team, IT, and business. Collaborate to provide the end-user with the best possible experience. Professionally correspond internally and externally with our team members and partners. 
• Utilize the educational tools provided to you as well as seek out professional training, development tools, and resources of your own. Ensure continual growth in your field and to ensure a high standard of quality for our applications moving forward. 
• Assist in increasing the skills and knowledge of the overall team. 
• Perform code-review activities to ensure developers are meeting the expected level of quality, best practices, and accessibility. 
• Provide developers with guidance prior to development to ensure proper solutions to meeting the business objective while maintaining our standards. 
• Be the central communication point on the team in working with business, design, and IT partners. 

Required Technical Skills 
• Accessibility techniques and basics (ARIA) 
• Advanced understanding of modular design patterns 
• Content Management (advanced experience and best-practices) 
• ES6 
• Git (Advanced) 
• HTML, JavaScript, and CSS (Advanced Level) 
• JQuery 
• Less 
• Microsoft .NET MVC 
• NPM/Node.js (Advanced) 
• Technical writing/communication skills 
• Unit and Experience Testing (Advanced) 
• Vue.js 
• Webpack (Advanced)