Moments Animator

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Jack Coleman

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We are looking for a Moments Animator to help blur the line between gameplay and cinematics. This individual will contribute to our moments vision by animating and breathing life into the performances of our characters and game world.

As a Moments Animator, you will be working closely with the Level Design and Animation leadership to create visually stunning moments throughout the story, while also working with a wide range of development team members.



•           Assemble, edit, clean up, and enhance motion capture data shot on stage, including both body and face.

•           Animate non-mocapped characters, creatures, and props by hand. This includes hand-keyed facial expressions and lip sync as necessary.

•           Assemble and prepare scenes for shooting on the motion capture stage.

•           Work closely with Technical Animators to integrate scenes into the game engine.



•           A strong demo reel that demonstrates expert knowledge of fundamental animation principles

•           Demonstrate proficient command of weight, timing, and posing through manipulating motion capture data as well as key-framing.

•           High level of proficiency in Maya and MotionBuilder.

•           Good understanding of scene staging and layout.

•           Comfortable learning and working in-game engine environments.

•           Work well in a creative, team-oriented environment, exhibiting excellent communication, time-management, and organizational skills.

•           Collaborate well across multiple disciplines

•           Possess the drive and talent needed to produce and implement the highest quality work while bringing new ideas to the table.

•           Minimum of 3 years industry or related experience


Preferred Experience

•           Basic modeling skills and knowledge of rigging and Python a plus.

•           1 or more published titles working with motion capture performance data a plus.

•           Storyboarding and Previs experience a plus