Avid Post - Production & Media Manager

New York, NY
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Amy Izzo

Job Description:

Seeking an Avid Post-Production & Media Manager for a long-term (W2 with benefits) engagement at one of our largest F500 financial industry clients in NYC. 


The Media Manager will oversee maintenance of the Avid Nexis system, archiving projects using the LTO archival system described in the attached quotes, restoring projects from archive to the online platform, and dealing with other aspects of the Avid system.  Additionally, he/she will manage all incoming media, compression of files and troubleshoot AVID media composer. 


Have clear understanding and knowledgebase of post-production workflow as outlined below:

• Copy project from PBAM drive to Public drive

• Create partition for project on EVO Web Configuration

• Refresh Evo Share browser

• Copy from Public drive to Evo Share Browser

• Move AVID Media Files folder to Root of drive on EVO Share Browser

• Launch AVID Media Composer from EVO Share Browser

• Ensure all media files are online in project

• Link to offline files, assure they are transcoded back to EVO Share Browser Drive

• Let editors know that project is online and ready for edit.


Workflow for new projects: 

• Create partition for project on EVO Web Configuration

• Send .mp3 \.wav files to Ubiqus for transcription

• Copy folder structure from desktop to partition on EVO Share Browser

• Copy CAMERA ORIGINALS from drive to the CAMERA ORIGINALS folder on the project’s partition

• Ensure all files have been copied over

• Launch AVID Media Composer from the EVO Share Browser

• Create a new project linking back to the AVID Project Files folder on the EVO Share Browser – make sure it corresponds to the specs of the CAMERA ORIGINALS

• Create bins for each individual camera in this new AVID Project

• AMA Link the footage via the source browser to each camera’s corresponding bin

• Transcode the footage

• Ensure all the media is online and opens smoothly

• Backup all the footage/project files to the JPAM large drive 


Technical skills:

• MS Office

• Avid Media Composer

• Avid Video Software