Graphic Designer - Financial Services

Baltimore, MD
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Mali Gupta

Job Description:

Job Description:

The Graphic Designer for an in-house creative team at (a large financial services company) will create visually engaging and compelling print and digital deliverables for marketing and advertising campaigns aimed at a North American institutional, business-to-business audience. Campaigns are conceptual and thematic.

Deliverables will include:

Banner ads

Print ads



Hard Cards

Dynamic presentation material (with an emphasis on data visualization and information design)

These campaigns are designed to build relationships, maintain and grow business, and generate assets for the firm. The firm has a strong, established brand identity but is looking to push the envelope within the parameters of the brand (and perhaps beyond deliverables listed above).

The Graphic Designer will work on a small, dedicated design team side-by-side with marketing managers, product managers, and investment professionals in a nimble, highly collaborative, iterative environment, under the direction of a Creative Director and in collaboration with a Production Designer.

Responsible for a high level of ideation and conceptualization as well as routine production, layout, and deadline management.


Adobe Creative Suite proficiency

PowerPoint proficiency

Conceptual thinker

Data visualization capabilities

Information design and infographic capabilities

Typographic and layout capabilities

Project management and relationship management skills

Spoken and written communication skills

Collaboration skills

Time management and prioritization skills

Ability to listen to complex ideas and distill them into easy to understand concepts

Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously

Ability to adhere to established brand guidelines