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Boston, MA
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Luisiana Cruz

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We are looking for an exceptional Data Architect to join our Engineering Team. Our goal is to build a seamless data structure with clear data tables and data life cycles. This person will own a critical part of how our company is designed and the role will increasingly have greater and greater responsibilities. 

We place immense emphasis on creating cutting-edge solutions that are elegant and informative. We're trying to create a seamless experience - something unprecedented in the finance industry. 

We aim to build self-organizing teams who face little impediment thanks to weak code ownership – thus some back-end skills are a plus. 

Our Ideal candidate 

has a strong theoretical background knowledge about traditional SQL databases as well as distributed systems 
has 5+ years of experience in the data world (including cloud-based and nosql) 
has a broad overview of the technical and non-technical data challenges a fintech company has to solve; from practical implementation details up to governance and audit 
designs the solutions for these challenges, advises the developer teams 
takes part in hands-on SRE / Data Reliability Engineer tasks, at least initially 

If you enjoy seeing the big picture, find pride in building reliable robust solutions, love to tinker with tools that make life easier for everybody, are eager to grow and learn hyper-fast with a team of super-competent colleagues, then this is the place for you. 

Some terms that should be familiar 

MySql, AWS RDS, S3, Kafka 
locks, transactions, normal forms, indices 
availability, backup strategies, disaster recovery 
data lifecycle, retention policies, archives 
PII, SPI, encryption 
data catalog, data lineage 
data warehouse/data lake, ETL, ELT 
reporting, BI tools