Digital Production Designer - SF

San Francisco, CA
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Lucas Manzaneres

Job Description:

You’ll primarily work alongside designers, engineers, and others to ensure a quality product is delivered to our global customer base.

You’ll contribute to a design system, provide detailed specs, and rules for a broad set of products within the design studio.

You should be comfortable working with design and product stakeholders and will participate in QA to ensure quality products are implemented accurately.

You have a strong interest in creating standards and a design system that will change the pace of creation. 

Key qualifications:
● Fluency with modern industry-standard design tools like Figma, Sketch, and Adobe Creative Suite. 
● Experience bringing a design to market, ideally working with engineers to provide ensure a quality product 
● Exceptional attention to detail 
● Ability to manage several complex projects simultaneously 
● Documenting interaction details, visual design specifications and QA of the implemented product 
● 5 yrs industry experience 
● Portfolio is existing, relevant work for the team to review 

Recommended prior experience:
● Familiarity working with and contributing to complex design systems 
● Good working relationship with engineers and product designers 
● Self initiated, able to manage the workload and identify opportunities for workflow efficiencies.