Visual Communications Designer

Dallas, TX
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Jamie Moshier

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Graphic Designer

Start: Mid June




A specialized graphic designer that has a background in both digital and print. The visual communications designer 
is responsible for crafting visual designs that represent the Brands corporate communications concepts and goals 
based off the Brands Standards. 

You should have, and be prepared to bring cutting-edge design thinking to the table. This is a new area of focus 
where big ideas and being self-motivated are imperative. You will be responsible for defining the visual language for 
the Corporate Communications team, including press releases, pitch sheets, asset creation for print and digital, 
mood boards, gifs, short videos, as well as all templates for future materials. 


  • Distilling broad strategic direction into functional, beautiful design 
  • Develop Brand Guidelines guide lines for Corporate Communications 
  • Handling of visual design work from interface to branding 
  • Collaborating on projects from concept through completion, internally as well as with agencies 
  • Working closely with the creative director and the corporate communications team to determine best way a 
  •    design can present messaging 
  • Creating design deliverables for various platforms 
  • Taking ownership of and leading projects by estimating timing, defining deliverables, and communicating 
  • ongoing progress 



  • A solid portfolio demonstration your design skills 
  • Able to manage and plan work autonomously 
  • Able to handle complex design problems 
  • Capable of presenting work clearly with constructive debate 
  • Knowledge of iOS, Android, and web design patterns 
  • Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite, knowledge of After Effects and Premier a plus 
  • Comfortable prototyping experiences using various platforms and tools 
  • Demonstrate a personal perspective on aesthetics related to art, design, and technology 
  • In-depth knowledge of current social trends 
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills 
  • Work on-site (Dallas, TX), available/on-call for immediate press release development 


  • 2-4+ years of design experience 
  • Combination of agency and in-house experience preferred 
  • Undergraduate or graduate degree in visual or communication design 
  • Having the right skill set is not enough, but to share our core values: 
  • Communicate & Share 
  • Take Initiative 
  • Transparency & Authenticity 
  • Be Accountable 
  • Consider the Business Metrics