Integrated Designer - Blending Physical and Digital Experiences!

San Francisco, CA
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Chris Woodbridge

Job Description:

Our client is an amazing FinTech brand and is looking for a talented Experience Designer! This will be creating physical AND digital experiences for innovating products!



The Physical Experience Design (PXD) team specializes in merging physical and digital mediums to create tangible, interactive, and multi-sensory experiences for company events, spaces, and workplaces. Using physical storytelling techniques, we build emotional connections and evoke visceral responses to shift perspectives, differentiating company in this digital-first world.

We are a small, internal team at company -- a part of the larger design organization called One Design. We practice human-centered design to change banking for good.

We are looking for a creative technologist to lead overall technical design, development, and implementation of physical-digital applications using existing and emerging technologies to create interactive environments and objects. You will be a key thought partner as part of the PXD leadership team. You will manage internal project teams and 3rd parties along multiple workstreams. Additionally, you will be responsible for developing complex applications using physical computing platforms (e.g. Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Google AIY kits, NVidia Xavier, etc.) and rapid prototyping tools (3D printer, laser cutter, soldering, circuit design, etc.). You will write, design, test, implement, and debug and document applications, and create strategies to monitor project performance metrics and identify potential issues and solutions.


Suggested qualifications:

A Master’s degree or equivalent experience in Computer Science, Engineering, Computer Information Systems, or a related technical field.

4 years of job experience in related field

Physical Computing (e.g. Arduino/Raspberry Pi, Google AIY kits, NVidia Xavier)

Programming (e.g. Python, C++, Javascript)

Presentation experience to technical and non-technical audiences

Familiarity with creating physical 3D prototypes using digital fabrication tools (e.g. 3D Printer, laser cutter, CNC).


Who you are:

Human-centered. Someone with the ability and desire to work in all phases of a design process. You are genuinely interested in impacting people’s lives. You strive to know as much as you can about the people you are designing for and make decisions based on their needs.

Collaborative. A team player who naturally elevates and supports others. You’re comfortable working with people who bring many different skills to the table, and can align your talents with theirs.

A Storyteller. Able to develop clear and persuasive narratives about your work to share with a wide range of audiences, including designers, product, and business partners and stakeholders.

Resourceful. You are scrappy in getting what you need and do not wait for it to come to you. You seek out connections and collaborations with other influencers that can assist in areas PXD is exploring.

Results-oriented. You’re a prototyper who understands that success comes sooner with trial and error. You develop clear action plans and deliver solutions.

Flexible. You know that projects can rapidly pivot. You are adaptable and maintain a positive outlook.

An Idea Generator. You can brainstorm fluidly with teams and expand on other people’s ideas. You are a great conceptualizer and act as a positive force in driving the practice.

Client Description:

This client puts its money where its mouth is. As a leading financial services and tech company, they’re constantly pushing the envelope to adapt and stay ahead of trends - whether it’s trends in financial products or in the way they treat their customers. Our client sets the bar in customer experience.

Our Talent are working with “best-in-class” global marketing teams on omni-channel campaigns, leveraging innovative technologies to drive customer engagement. AQUENT Talent work alongside full-time employees presenting ideas to stakeholders and influencing business decisions every day.

Working here:

  • You’ll be pushed to bring thoughtful creative and marketing ideas to the table

  • You’ll be collaborating in an Agile environment to deliver purposeful projects

  • You’ll be working with a global brand - meeting customers where they live by leveraging AI, ML and VR