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Christie Bridges

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This position is more of a UX/QA oriented role where the individual would iterate on a product to see if it passes certain tests, improve it by interacting with it and documenting the entire experience. 
AI TRAINER Job Description 
Our online Digital Technology and Innovation Group is looking for multi-talented individuals to help train our applications using Artificial Intelligence alongside our team of expert team engineers, designers and project managers. You will provide assistance in training applications that include, but are not limited to natural language processing, facial recognition, and image recognition. 

Our candidates are comfortable working with new technologies and documenting complete logs of the AI training with precision. 
* Train facial recognition algorithms using in-house utilities 
* Script development 
* Annotate and label images to categorize images accurately and efficiently 
* Train bots using NLP with voice and text data to handle basic human like interactions 
* Initial and Ongoing AI training 
* QA testing, report bugs 
* Provide technical reports and design documents 

* Detail-oriented 
* Strong interpersonal and communication skills 
* Critical-thinker and problem-solver 
* Familiar with basic machine learning concepts 
* Proficient in Office software (Microsoft, Google Suite)