Technical Writer

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Paige Eddington

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A technical writer prepares clear, concisely written documentation that communicates technical information to a client audience. 

Determining the needs of users of complex technical information. Studying product samples and interviewing product designers or developers. Collaborating with technical staff to make products easier to use for fewer instructions. Organizing and composing supporting documents for products Utilizing pictures, drawings, animation, diagrams, and charts to further users’ understanding of complex directions Standardizing technical content across various platforms and media sources. Collecting usability feedback to judge customer, designer, and manufacturer satisfaction. Modifying or revising documentation as new problems occur for IT or business org. Bachelor’s degree in journalism, English, or communications. Knowledge in a specialized field 3+ yrs, such as computer science, web design, or information technology. 

Bachelors Degree required (ideally in Communications or Journalism)