Senior 3D Designer

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Christie Bridges

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A creative and technically skilled designer responsible for:

  • Developing products, packaging and displayers from first concept through resolution of technical details.

  • Liaison with manufacturers and development of final products.

  • Initiating and pursuing self-started design proposals.


  • Assessment of Creative Requests and formulation of initial responses and design proposals

  • Development and presentation of concept direction options for projects including material and construction detailing.

  • Presentation of selected designs, detail specification to manufacturers of approved designs, liaison with engineers and manufacturers on

    development of prototypes, sample approval.

  • Some supervision and directing of freelance designers and junior members of the I.D team

    Problem Solving

  • Effective time management, handling multiple projects effectively and within specified deadlines.

  • Clear understanding of the essential requirements of each project, fast and effective development of multiple options in response to design briefs.

  • Resolution of aesthetic and technical challenges, fine detailing of designs, management of close working relationships with other brand and

    corporate teams and with external vendors.

    Independence of Action and Accountability

  • Proposals to be presented in outline [with construction and detailing indicated] to Industrial Design ED, Visual Merchandising VP and Creative Director

  • The Senior Designer will take responsibility for final detailing and specification of approved designs and for development of successful prototypes and final product.

    Budget Responsibility

• Responsibility for ensuring that each of their design projects is developed within specified budget .


3+ years for related experience
Excellent creative skills and ability to initiate and quickly and clearly communicate design concepts
Excellent presentation skills specifically very strong Adobe Illustrator skills
Strong emphasis on physical modelmaking for both design development and presentation
Excellent 3D CAD skills, particularly Rhino and Keyshot rendering software
High level of technical drawing
Very strong ability to successfully manage and cultivate working relationships and collaborate with colleagues and external partners