Senior Digital Modeler

Thousand Oaks, CA
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Cathy Liu

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We are looking for a Sr. Digital Modeler for an engagement with our Automotive client located in Thousand Oaks, CA! The ideal candidate will have 5-7 years of prior work experience as a Digital Modeler in the Automotive industry.


- The Digital Modeler transforms and interprets complex design sketches, tapes and plans into virtual/computer 3D models, using various 3D digital/computer modeling packages. 

- Evaluates new digital tools, technologies and necessary training in order to remain “cutting edge“ (in collaboration with the Director 3D Modeling and Director Operations).

- Generates and manipulates designs into virtual/computer 3D models in close collaboration with designers and engineers.

- Creates renderings and animations of digital 3D Models. Uses evaluation tools for quality checks.

- Evaluates new digital tools, technologies and completed necessary training in collaboration with the Director, Operations, to remain “cutting edge”.

- Supports other Digital Design Sculptors.

- Works independently on a variety of different projects.

- Creates data for fabrication of 3D physical parts (SLA). Must have in depth knowledge of digital design sculpting, creativity, interpretation, innovation, and artistic clarity to produce high level digital renderings and short animations, using the rendering package best suited for the task and uses each particular software package in its best capacity.

- Applications include recast rendering and retrace rendering as well as simple key frame animations that are often employed to illustrate construction and motion of design intent. 

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