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Vancouver, BC
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Bob Bailey

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The developers at this game studio are looking for a highly creative and motivated Background Artist. The Background Artist is responsible for interpreting written and verbal direction into visual solutions. They will produce complex matte painted elements to a high standard with a thorough understanding of perspective, lighting, and colour. They are also expected to collaborate with other members of the dev team such as modelling, lighting, and design to ensure the proposed ideas are meeting the game play requirements. The Background Artist must be able to execute matte painted backgrounds in a wide variety of styles that fit the product tone and to various degrees of detail that fit within the production timelines.


•             Create backgrounds using a variety of techniques such as digital matte painting and image projection to be used in Unreal Engine.

•             Translate written and verbal direction into visual solutions.

•             Generate terrain, sculpt and layout assets.

•             Work closely with Design and Art Direction ensuring concepts are meeting game play expectations.

•             Explore multiple solutions for a single problem.

•             Over paint white box environments for model/texture artists.

•             Work towards established production deadlines.

•             Create concepts to visually communicate direction.


•             3+ years’ experience in video game production or equivalent experience.

•             Ability to manipulate 3d assets and create 2.5d midground elements to complement matte painted backgrounds.

•             Expertise in environment, and lighting design.

•             Deep understanding of colour, tone and lighting.

•             Deep understanding of composition and visual storytelling.

•             Can design for a wide variety of styles (photo-realistic, highly stylized, etc.).

•             Highly collaborative individual who values feedback and direction.

•             Unreal knowledge is a plus.