Assistant Audio Engineer

Sunnyvale, CA
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up to $43/hr DOE
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Sara Truesdale

Job Description:

Assistant Audio Engineer / MVP Audio Assistant 

Our client's Assistant Audio Engineer helps to make audio sessions run as smoothly as possible. They are one step ahead and are there to help the people on the project get their work done by checking and double checking everything. 

Seeking exceptional, impeccable attention to detail, diplomacy, flexibility, initiative, organization, professionaliam, time management and work ethic. Knowledge of Mac software, codec files and audio tools needed.

Our client also asks for the following:

Arrive early. Never be late for any reason. If studio cleaning is required, arrive an hour before session start to allow time for cleaning and session setup. Room cleaning should be completed before the half hour setup time. 

The studio must be clean for every session. This includes no greasy handprints on doors and tables, no dirt or crumbs on the studio surfaces, no dust bunnies, no dust. Unless otherwise directed, the room must be struck and cleaned after every session, especially at the end of the day. Be sure to put out all trash cans by the studio door at the end of every day. Return empty trash cans to their rooms in the morning. Never try to clean the studio during a session or when Engineers are working. Keep your work area neat and tidy and keep personal bags and cases hidden or stored in the machine room. 

No eating is allowed in the studio. If you are hungry for a snack or thirsty, use the machine room, kitchen or outer hallways to refresh yourself at an appropriate time; either between sessions or during natural breaks in the session. Eating during sessions is disruptive. 

Studio Etiquette 
No unsolicited comments or reactions in session. Comments while a client is present can undermine the client’s confidence in the Engineer. This includes creative and technical observations. If you hear it, we’ve likely already heard it. Wait till the unsupervised QC stage when you can ask the Engineer about something you’ve heard. We want this to be a learning experience, so feel free to ask questions after a session is over. 
Try not to make any additional sounds or unnecessary distractions. For example, mute your laptop and silence your phone at all times. If you need to listen to something to help the engineer for a specific reason, use headphones at a low volume. 

If clients are in the room, sit off to the side. Some clients like to sit next to the Engineers while mixing. Keep your laptop and headphones in a designated area away from client seating which includes the area next to the Engineer. 
Ask clients at the beginning of a session after they’ve settled if they need any refreshments. It’s never okay to make comments about picture, the mix, or any creative decisions being made during a session, especially when clients are present. Listen, observe and facilitate a smooth session. If you have any questions, wait till the session is over and clients are gone to ask. 
It is good to communicate with Producers regarding organizational project details such as deliverables, file naming and deadlines. 

Wait to have meals till sessions are over. We are a team, so if Engineers are working, so are you. If due to scheduling, breakfast, lunch or dinner is unlikely, notify scheduling and communicate with your Engineer. We will work with scheduling to create time during the day for necessary breaks. There is usually enough flexibility in the schedule to allow for a little time to recharge. 

Session Setup 
Check audio prep that is sent from Assistant Editors. Open files, watch them, check their codec, verify frame rate, read email threads to see what is needed for the session, see if it makes sense and check file names to make sure they match per instructions. Check for any abnormalities and do not send the Assistant Editor a confirmation without asking the Engineer if the prep was perfect. Your initial check, followed by the Engineer’s validation will confirm that the session prep elements are correct. 
If a voice-over session is booked, make sure that the VO booth is stocked with water, apple juice, a pencil and pen. Turn on the stand light and help the Engineer set microphone and headphone levels when they are ready. 

Session Strike 
At the end of each session, it is important to clean and completely refresh the room. Put away all equipment that was used during the session unless otherwise directed. This includes removing scripts from VO booths and tables. Scan all scripts and include them with their corresponding VO takes on the proper device. Destroy all leftover paper scripts in the studio paper shredder. Make sure that all deliverables have been sent with their corresponding file paths, links and file spec information. At the end of the day, make sure both rooms are clean and ready to go for the following day. Be sure to mute both consoles and turn out the lights before leaving. 

Never use someone else’s computer or login for any reason. Never send emails from anyone else’s email address. Never leave scripts out and never leave digital scripts open on a computer. Never discuss future plans of the audio department with anyone outside of client Video Productions. 

Always ask for permission to borrow client equipment or an Engineer’s personal equipment. Company policy does not allow the use of client equipment for billed side projects. 

Being Proactive 
Be one step ahead of the session. Being proactive is encouraged, however if you have an idea about an improvement project you’d like to undertake, let an Engineer know what you are doing so they can provide input that will be helpful for your task.

Client Description:

Our client, a leader in consumer electronics, is one of the greatest, most innovative, world-changing companies ever created! More like a cluster of start-ups versus a large company, they are single-handedly credited with creating some of the most impactful products of this generation.

Working alongside some of the brightest and most talented people, the work you do here will add up to something big that could not be done anywhere else.  There is no doubt that your best work will be brought out achieving some hefty goals at a heroic pace.

One thing we know is that you WILL NOT ever be bored.​

Here are some more things you can expect:

  • Wi-fi equipped shuttle service
  • Free parking
  • Onsite cafeteria

WORKING WITH AQUENT: long-term assignments with Aquent gets you access to some pretty cool things:
- You're paid weekly
- Subsidized health (including term life and LTD) and dental benefits after your first four weeks of work (averaging at least 20 hrs/wk)
- Access to Fidelity 401(k)
- Access to FSA Program
- Direct deposit for your pay check
- Access to our Talent Rewards Program (we reward for referrals!)
- Access to free online courses via Aquent's Gymnasium, to help you develop your skills: http://gymnasium.aquent.com/
- Access to free online courses via Lynda.com
- Aquent support: your Aquent Agent checks in with you during the course of your contract to make sure you're happy and progressing according to your expectations (we're also there to be looking for new opportunities for you when you're close to wrapping up)