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Denver, Colorado
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Chris Woodbridge

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The information below is provided to give you a high-level look at an open position (contract-to-hire) at a leading brand in the Broomfield, CO area. If after you've read this you'd like to learn more, contact the agent whose information is below. This is a great opportunity for someone who's overseen a number of products using traditional marketing and UX methodologies to identify and launch new products. 

Reason for the position? The current marketing manager is getting promoted, and they're looking for someone with fresh ideas who wants to grow with the organization. 

Purpose of this role? Continually improve overall customer experience, and identify and launch new products that make a difference to the people who use them. 

Who would you work with and what exposure will you have in the organization? This Aquent client is part of a multibillion-dollar, global organizaton. You'll be working with the global head of marketing to develop the annual marketing strategy for the Broomfield brand. Your best friends will be your colleagues in IT and Analytics, as they help you gather, decipher and understand complex user and product data needed to make key marketing decisions. You'll be a member of the management team, and your input will help senior leaders make big decisions that will impact company direction and goals.

What will you do? You'll manage annual budgets, lead and execute strategic marketing programs with a focus on growing new business and building brand loyalty. You'll also lead User Experience capabilities to deliver an exceptional online experience!  You'll be the brains behind deciding the type of primary and secondary market research, persona development, customer journey mapping, competitive analysis and customer segmentation. You'll also lead market research and competitive analysis efforts to determine which products make it to market, and how. 

This role is responsible for strategic digital marketing capabilities via B2B2C, B2B and B2C channels, which could be a portfolio builder. 

What tools will you be given? This Aquent client utilizes Salesforce Marketing to identify and reach audiences to increase retention and identify cross-selling opportunities, along with traditional MS products. They also use Pardot, Act-On and a few other marketing tools. If you have a preference of tools, suggest them!