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Seattle, WA
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Tammie Letroise-Brown

Job Description:

We recruit groups of people (“panelists”) into a panel, sampled to be representative of the population it measures (e.g. the US population), we pay them weekly, and they install hardware or software (called "meters", developed by our team). 
These meters capture their activity across devices (browsers, mobile phones/tablets, and TV). 
The data are combined with service logs and 3rd party data, and are made available to product teams via our data platform.

The requirements of the temp worker include the following responsibilities: 

  • Create high-level and detailed storyboards, low- and high-fidelity mockups of end-to-end workflows as well as micro-interactions, and effectively communicate design concepts. 
  • Evaluate usability of existing flows and recommend thoughtful design changes when appropriate. 
  • Produce artifacts for user research and support UXR in conducting both formative and evaluative studies. 
  • Take input/requirements from multiple stakeholders and turn those into compelling design paths - then iterate through with the extended team to find the best direction. 
  • Work closely with Engineering, Product Management, and Customer Support throughout all stages of the product lifecycle, from inception to implementation. 
  • Communicate design ideas and intent to internal teams.
  • Clearly rationalize and justify design work and advocate for users’ needs. 

Top Requirements:

  • Design portfolio, with experience designing across web/mobile that utilizes market research to conduct needs analysis and persona development
  • Strong interaction, visual, problem-solving skills (prototyping experience is a bonus)
  • Experience working closely with user researchers to find new opportunities, test and iterate ideas based on insights from formative research, analysis of current data and from hands on usability testing.
  • 4-5 Years - Interaction design for responsive experiences 
  • Develop intuitive, usable, and engaging interactions and visual designs for web, mobile, and tablet 
  • 0-3 Years - Experience with collaboration with interdisciplinary roles (engineering, product management, marketing)t
  • A team player who can frame problems well to cross-functional roles, and iterate quickly based on feedback throughout the entire design process 
  • 0-3 Years - Systems design 
  • Strong ability to recognize and predict use-cases and user interaction, including happy path, edge and corner cases, and incorporate them into designs.


  • Interaction design for responsive experiences (mobile/tablet/web/tv), Wireframing, Storyboarding, Systems design, Information architecture, Communication design, Experience with collaboration with interdisciplinary roles (engineering, product management, marketing)


  • Prototyping or frontend development, Motion graphics/animation, Content strategy