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Round Rock, TX
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Tammie Letroise-Brown

Job Description:

Seeking an exceptional front-end developer specializing in web, desktop applications, and general software prototyping to participate in developing new and cutting edge experiences for our next generation of software products.

Overall Responsibilities:

  • Creates user task models, user experience architecture, wireframe level design through to prototypes 
  • Defines the user experience vision, brand strategy, solution innovation, and prototyping Identifies user centered design patterns, establishes scenarios, places designs into user context and creates interactions that align to those requirements 
  • Designs rich, visual user-interaction solutions across a range of platforms and mediums 
  • Acts as a key player in the strategic design process of projects, assuming responsibility for the overall customer experience strategy and execution 
  • Works with outside vendors on producing creative/interactive projects or digital assets 
  • Keeps current with the latest in interactive and visual design technologies and investigates new technologies and methods to bring cutting edge functionality for future development 
  • Conceives innovative user-interface models that explore concepts that lie well outside today typical application paradigms 
  • Acts as a key player in the strategic design process of projects, assuming responsibility for the overall customer experience strategy, and execution 
  • Gives direction to outside vendors on creative ideas and projects or digital assets 
  • Proactively communicates project details and status to broad audience including leadership team 
  • Has open line of communication with program manager, DM and leadership to ensure project status is clearly understood and issues are communicated and closed in a timely manner 
  • Can create content and present recommendations to executive level
  • Clarifies ambiguous expectations

As a UI/UX software developer, you will work closely with our design and UX research team as well as software engineers/developers, product managers, marketing, and quality engineers in a highly collaborative, fast-paced environment to develop new product offerings and improve existing ones. 

Specific Responsibilities:

 • Create compelling and immersive prototypes, simulations, and demos of possible future experiences 

 • Translate user experience design specifications into high-quality, production-ready code 

 • Work directly with user experience designers and researchers for interpreting UX specs and receiving feedback on builds via UX Reviews 

 • Publish high-quality components to shared library accessed by engineers across organizations 

 • Ensure implementation is cross-platform/browser compatible, and responsive in mobile devices 

 • Successfully communicate conceptual ideas and engineering rationale with diplomacy; Ability to use strong industry knowledge to relate to customer needs and dissolve customer concerns and high level of focus and attention to detail 

 • Remain current on new tools, technologies, and web design trends, including platforms and plugins as they pertain to interaction techniques, graphics, charting/graphing tools, animation/motion, and video; validate, propose and implement new tools and technologies as appropriate.


 • Undergraduate degree and 2-5 years relevant experience 

 • Advanced knowledge of JavaScript frameworks and libraries; experience templating JS library; JQuery; 

 • CRITICAL: Expert experience building complex UI for Web using popular industry frameworks such as Bootstrap or Angular.js 

 • Expert in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript/Ajax, JQuery, SCSS 

 • Awareness of server side MVC frameworks, web services and web communication protocols and message formats (Prior back end programming is a plus) 

 • Experience with building experiences for Windows desktop applications including Win32, WPF and UWP/UWA 

 • Strong work ethic with good time management and ability to work with diverse teams 

 • Strong problem solving skills

 • Understanding of UI/UX principals 

 • UI/UX Design in both code and design tools (e.g. Photoshop/Illustrator. InVision, Sketch); experienced using Adobe Suite more generally 

 • Familiar with Responsive coding best practices 

 • Familiar with current W3C standards, compatibility issues and fallback strategies for legacy browsers (e.g., Internet Explorer 6 8). 

 • Experience with versioning control software (e.g. Git) 

 • Familiarity with site maps, wireframes, mockups/comps 

 • Familiarity with browser testing and debugging 

 • Understanding of web site hosting and server technology 

 • Able to shepherd a product from concept through development 

 • Able to process and integrate usability studies, reports, trends, data, and information into plans, deliverables, and recommendations.

Client Description:

Our client offers so much! Work in a corporate setting for a major technology company, but have the feeling that you’re in an agency. How do they do that? Check this out:

  • They offer flexible schedules to promote work/life balance. Need to pick drop the kids off at school before getting in? No worries! They get it!

  • They understand that although you’re freelancing, you’re still interested in growing your career path. They invest in learning & promote creativity on their projects, teams, and with individuals. Freelancers are included in things like team off-sites. Not something you see every day!

  • They recognize freelancers as members of their teams who are helping to get the same projects across the finish line. There’s no separation here. You’re part of the team! They’ll tend to offer up permanent conversion to most freelancers after an extended period of freelance.

  • They encourage growth beyond your job title. They understand that value comes from growth, and the growth is a 360 degree thing. Interested in enhancing your current skill set with complementary skills? This is the place! They allow work on projects outside your core competencies, in order to build new strengths.

Have no fear that you’ll fit in here. They make it work, and accept you as part of the team!