Video Production Assistant

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Christina Clark

Job Description:

Seeking a Freelance Video Production Assistant to be responsible for creating videos, from concept to delivery to clients. During development, may assist in write scripts in collaboration with product experts. During pre-production, will focus on planning for production. Those tasks include: storyboards, casting professional and non-professional talent, location scouting, and securing wardrobe and props. 
During production, resource will be responsible for cast/crew needs and handling any issues that come up during production. Will also oversee the continuity of the story including wardrobe, props, set dressing, hair, makeup, and the actions of the actors during a scene. During post-production, resource will be responsible for assisting video/sound editors and animators with the goal of producing the final cut of a video to deliver to a client. 

Required skills: 

• Familiar with creating storyboards for story concepts 
• Familiar with writing pitch decks to sell story concepts 
• Highly competent in project management 
• Proven ability to work on multiple projects 
• Familiar with booking cast and freelance crew 
• Knowledge of location scouting and booking locations 
• Proficient in designing look books for locations, wardrobe and props 
• Highly competent with production assistance during video production 
• Familiar with script supervision during production 
• Knowledge of line producing during production 
• Familiar with digital cinematography and digital photography 
• Familiar with video editing, motion graphics, sound design and color grading 
• 2-3 years video production experience 

Preferred skills: 
• Proficient in writing scripts for video/animation 

Ideal candidates will have portfolios showcasing video samples that illustrate compelling storytelling