Production Designer

Mountain View, CA
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Ryan Stipes

Job Description:

As a production designer you will be responsible for working with the UX designers creating pixel perfect mocks, redlines, and assets for engineers and making sure they are implemented correctly and with the highest possible level of polish.

Top Responsibilities:

- Taking mockups and documents from designers into picture perfect mockups.

- Create redlines for the mockups

- Answer questions from engineers about mockups

- Generate final assets for implementation Knowledge of iOS/Android/Web assets & scaling

- Ability to articulate transitions between states (animation)

- Ability to broaden a layout to undesigned platforms. (Ex: take a phone design, develop it for tablet)

- Ability to spec to & between breakpoints & have a solid grasp overall of how elements work together on a page

- Be able to contribute to the design conversation


Mandatory Requirements:

  • 2-3 years of experience in UI/Visual Design
  • BA/BS or equivalent work experience
  • Experience with Sketch in creating pixel perfect mocks that follow the company guidelines
  • Experience creating redlines, assets, and specs for engineers
  • Working closely with Engineers answering questions and checking progress as new features are implemented
  • Following through on details and working toward fit-and-finish polish