Retail Production Designer

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Melanie Fox

Job Description:

This Retail Production Designer will be supporting or leading and producing accurate construction documents, including architectural drawings and material specifications, for new construction and renovations to retail stores. 

Summary of Experience: Experience working in retail, hospitality, or restaurant design or development organization, 5+ years as a production designer. This person will be supporting a team to help come up with innovations to design in their current retail locaitons. This person will be reviewing current store designs and figuring out how best to implement floor plans and innovations.

• In the first few weeks, the HM will have daily check-ins to monitor the work and immerse the CW. Afterwards, they'll move to weekly/ bi-weekly check-ins. 
• Will be working with consultants along with the team 
• Will be giving feedback according to this brands guidelines 
• 1) reading drawings of the stores, 
• 2) retrofitting the equipment going in the store, 
• 3) reviewing the consultant drawings properly, 
• 4) touching base with the manager for potential issues, 
• 5) 8 hours workday 
• 6) fast paced work load 

• Someone that is looking for a lot of design work would not be a good fit for this role. We are looking for someone more focused on functionality and quality control. 
• No Revit or CAD required 
• No drafting/ drawing 
• Must have a good idea of finishes 
• Must have good color theory and lighting experience 
• Must be able to read architectural plans/ drawings, 
• Should know space planning, 
• Should be able to work in high pressure environment, 
• Must be a quick learner and easy to work with, 
• Autocad-revit is not required 
• Should be able to achieve deadlines and deliverables 
• Adobe Creative suite is a plus, but not necessary 
• CW should be comfortable with the office suite 
• Retail/ restaurant/ residential/ commercial experience is a plus 
• Former coffee/barista experience is a HUGE plus 

1 Reading schematics 
2 Retail experience 
3 Space planning experience

Client Description:

This is a large global coffee company based in Seattle, Wa.