Programmer (Mobile)

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Jack Coleman

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This studio is looking for a developer to support game development on a mobile development project. As a support developer, you will have the unique opportunity to work to bring existing technology and content from high-end gaming down to mobile platforms, helping bridge the gap between internal technology and external development. Typical daily tasks include debugging existing code, building tools to help automate processes, refactoring internal engine technology to work across multiple projects, and more. You will be part of a small internal team working directly with the engineers and team leads to keep our partners performing at peak capacity. 

- Primary skillset in C++ game development, with an emphasis on mobile platforms 
- Strong communication and teamwork skills 
- Experience debugging codebases developed by others 
- Experience with C# tools development 
- Experience with source control on large teams (preferably Perforce and Git) 

Candidates with the following additional skills will be preferred: 
- Experience working directly with end users on tools development 
- Experience with Unreal or similarly advanced C++-based game engine.