Media Producer

San Francisco, CA
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Corey King

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Role description: 
You will be an advocate and supporter of multimedia content to offer tips and instructions to users on how to make the most out of our hardware products. You will have experience in getting things done on a large to small scale. You will work with an Executive producer and facilitate the execution of medium to large projects. Your work will include defining specs for multimedia content, coordinating decisions around video topics, developing production schedules, facilitating pre-production including sourcing assets from partner teams, creating assets using test devices and organizing localization activities. You will keep us real, and you will make the work magical. 

Minimum qualification(s) 
BA/BS degree. 
Experience with creative production agency methodologies 
Experience working with new and innovative technologies 
Experience working with and managing third party vendors 
Experience with designing and creating instructional content 
Experience on major video and animation initiative productions for major brands 

Preferred qualification(s) 
3-5 years of creative production experience 
Proven experience on large, complex, big budget productions 
Relationships with creative leaders and makers across the industry 
Outstanding organizational abilities 
Global experience and perspective 
Ability to remain calm amidst chaos 

Coordinate topic selection with large group of stakeholders. 
Prioritize production topics and guide creative phases of scriptwriting and storyboarding. 
Support production in various capacities including scheduling, budgeting, establishing SOW’s and contracts with legal department. 
Source and create visual assets for several multimedia types. 
Establish relationships with production partners and stakeholders. 
Organize and supervise localization of multimedia content. 
Working with third party vendors. 
Own project-based budgets and schedules for multiple concurrent projects. 
Assisting in team and internal communication, scheduling, budgeting.