BACKFILL - Digital Analytics Specialist

New Jersey
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Marquis Akins

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Job description: 
· Pull number of content downloads, time on site, number of visitors, bounce rate for all SGI related pages. 
· Update master Excel workbook. 
· Update sub-campaign Excel files (dashboards). 
· Update related PowerPoint reports and decks, including promotion examples from content activations. 
· Upload files to SharePoint. 
· Share updates with marketing lead 
· Track social and paid search activity (impressions/clicks) and related expenditures in-master Excel workbook and sub-campaign dashboards. 
· Calculate monthly customer acquisition cost per channel. 
· Upload files to SharePoint 
· Look for new keywords to optimize for each campaign, Moz 
· Maintain list of keywords for each campaign focus. 
· Upload to SharePoint. 
· Share with marketing leaders and content creators. 
· Review and reconcile all organic campaign activity and assigned tactic IDs to associate with the Digital Transformation campaign.