Lighting Artist (Real - Time)

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Jack Coleman

Job Description:


·Creation of static and dynamic lighting using our proprietary game engine software. 

·Lighting single player, multiplayer and cinematics at a high level of quality. 

·Tweaking of shading materials and textures to increase the fidelity of the lighting to enhance the levels visuals and gameplay experience. 

·Post processing; color grading, exposure, SSAO, bloom, tone mapping curves etc. 

·Contributing to the development and placing of visual effects related to lighting and atmosphere. Such as: light flares, fog, god rays and camera optics. 

·Document lighting processes and technology. 

·Manage lighting solutions within our memory and performance guidelines. ​


Minimum Qualifications & Skills

·Understanding of CG lighting technology, both real-time and software rendering.

·A good understanding of lighting theory; color space, exposure, light fixtures, natural light, reflections, occlusions etc.

·Good understanding of cinematography and dramaturgy; the use of camera technology, scene blocking and lighting to set the mood.

·Being pro-active in the use of lighting as a powerful tool in gameplay clarity. For example; to guide the player forward, highlight objectives and enemies.

·An ability to thoroughly digest the art direction and champion executing it in the game.

·Used to working with the balancing between visual quality and performance requirements.

·Organization, planning and prioritization skills

·Experience lighting within a real-time game engine

·Experienced Photoshop user