Digital Asset Coordinator

Los Angeles, CA
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Melanie Fox

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Digital Asset Coordinator - Global Creative Operations 

This leading global make up company based out of West Hollywood is looking for a talented Digital Asset Coordinator to support thier production team needs. This role is very entry level, heavy in data entry and administrative tasks. At least in the beginning, and then slowly it will turn into more of a project management role once the digital asset management tool is up and running.
This person would support the Global Creative Operations team in leading overall strategy, implementation and workflow for thier Digital Asset Management (DAM). Point Person for brand to develop best practices associated with managing creative digital assets from end to end. Brand leader to liaison with Global Information Services (GIS) to drive understanding of Brand operations and implement revisions or upgrades to system where necessary. Collaborate with multiple departments and regions to strategize processes that will optimize efficiencies and speed to market in the distribution of global creative assets. Oversee data administrators in the day to day operations of metadata and rights management application, and proper distribution of global assets. Liaise with the Global and Regional Marketing to ensure the right assets are made available and tagged for appropriate channel / media usage. 


● Develop and implement strategy associated with the cataloging, annotating (metadata schema & taxonomies), storage, retrieval and distribution of this brands creative digital assets which include photography, InDesign mechanicals, videos, packaging and online assets. 
● Collaborate across internal departments and regions in the development and modification of digital workflows to gain further efficiencies. 
● Responsible for daily operations of ingesting, curating, organizing, and general asset maintenance and management in the DAM system, and associated issue management. 
● Responsible for digital asset lifecycle maintenance including asset expiration and digital archiving 
● Partner with the Corporate GIS team to establish and maintain standardized framework and upgrades to DAM System as needed. 
● Track and analyze key performance indicators to determine workflow and systems effectiveness. 
● Manage data administrators in proper maintenance of creative assets and legal deco library in order to assure a current and up to date centralized global repository. 
● Assure proper translation of contractual information into rights management module in DAM to allow end users a clear understanding of available usage(s). 
● Educate and facilitate proper usage of DAM system across all departments and regions. 
● Serve as the brand power user for the best practices, process adoption and in-house expert for the DAM solution 
● Participate in a cross-branded ‘community of DAM experts’ to validate all functional enhancements to the DAM solution to bring differentiation to ELC vs competition 
● Stay well versed on latest digital asset management and workflow technological trends and innovations. 


● College Degree in Library Sciences, with 1-2 years’ experience in digital asset management, information architecture, and/or taxonomy development. 
● Excellent communication and verbal skills with ability to negotiate and build consensus swiftly. 
● Excellent ability to multitask with tremendous attention to detail; self-motivated and well organized. 
● Knowledge of the Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Creative and Microsoft Office Suite, knowledge of creative production (including but not limited to photo and video production). 
● Overall Technologically inclined.