Senior Service Designer

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Paige Eddington

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Service Designer 
An exciting opportunity to work at a new innovation hub within the client. This new venture sets out to do things differently – we’re taking a unique approach, balancing human-centered design with an agile technology capability to tackle complex wicked problems in original ways. With a great variety of potential projects in the portfolio, there are many different areas to investigate, so you’ll certainly not be bored! 
We’re looking for a Senior or Principal Service Designer with the ability to tackle the problem space in terms of people, industry and scenario. 
A service design position is not the same as a UX role. It involves a more holistic outlook on problem solving, extensive thinking of the backstage workings (in how a company works and delivers on customer experience) as well as organizational and behavioral considerations. 
Candidates should be able to plan, manage and execute a course of work, be highly independent, confident in their abilities and flexible enough to adapt to a fluid project landscape. 
Any experience in the oil & gas would be desirable but not mandatory. Responsibilities & deliverables may include: 
• To investigate and identify distinct scenarios and opportunities to compile key use cases 
• Be able to carry out appropriate research (direct and ethnographic) as required 
• Understand people involved in the subject area; compile stakeholder maps/ service 
ecosystems and personas/archetypes 
• Exploration into current processes; As-Is Service/Experience Mapping 
• Design and run collaborative and co-design workshops with internal teams to define 
opportunities and idea generation 
• May also be required to run lean innovation workshops (with support) 
• Facilitate challenger workshops to refine concepts and propositions 
• Create ideal experience journeys for key stakeholders and key use-cases; User 
journeys, user flows, measurement framework 
• Detailing holistic service functionality - Service Blueprints, Service backlogs 
General abilities: 
• Communicate work visually/diagrammatically as well as through the written word (Adobe Creative Suite experience expected) 
• Consider the wider business case 
• Appreciate the impact of incremental and disruptive ideas/innovation on ways of 
working and the greater business 
• Experience of, or openness to, working in Agile ways 
• Have an understanding of the impact of service solutions on technology build 

Client Description:

Client is located in Houston, Texas. All work to be completed onsite at client's corporate campus.