UX Tech Lead

Job Terms:
63-68 Per hour
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John Tibo

Job Description:

• Collaborating with UX team members, product, business and technology partners and drawing inspiration from research, user goals and the world around you.
• Making informed decisions on visual style, quickly mocking up interactive prototypes, and being a part of the building process with production-level HTML, CSS, and JS.
• Proven track record of building and guiding adoption of enterprise-grade UI toolkits, design systems, frameworks and/or open source software that scales to hundreds of developers and users.
• Establish, document and maintain Web UI best practices regarding markup, styles, UX, interaction and accessibility.
• Work closely with the design organization, and be the bridge between design and engineering.
• Ability to take ownership of code, perform code reviews, providing technical inputs on design and development decisions.
• Work with the other team leads to create the product roadmap and plan sprints, review code and helping more junior developers by mentoring them, providing guidance, and positively influencing their careers.

• 7+ years of experience with web technologies and frameworks, including HTML, CSS, Sass (SCSS), Ajax, JavaScript, jQuery, EXT-JS
• 7+ years of experience writing modular, mobile-first, responsive, component-based HTML, CSS and JavaScript on UI frameworks such as Angular, React, Riot, Fractal, and Nunjucks.
• 7+ years of experience completing rapid prototyping and delivering/supporting production-quality code.
• 5+ years of experience with React and Angular.
• 5+ years of experience using package management tools, including NPM, GEM, etc.
• 5+ years of experience using and integrating build tools, including Gulp, Webpack, etc.
• Experience with CSS architectural principals, including BEM, ITCSS, functional CSS, CSS-in-JS, etc.
• Experience with version control systems, including Git, GitLab, Subversion, etc.
• Experience fixing performance issues and using performance monitoring tools
• Knowledge of industry best practices for code quality, architecture, accessibility, and usability
• Ability to communicate technical approaches to engineers, designers, and the business
• Have the ability and a desire to learn new technologies and a fail fast approach to making technology choices.
• Strong understanding of UX and Interaction Design.
• Great eye for visual details with passionate desire to produce pixel-perfect front-end code.
• Experience using design, prototyping, and spec tools to consume UX designs to produce code, including Sketch, Invision, Zeplin, etc.

What’ll Make You Stand Out
• Experience building static, framework agnostic web components using tools including Fractal (https://fractal.build/) and Nunjucks.
• Experience with static site generators, Jekyll, middleman, hugo etc.
• Experience building modular component libraries in RiotJS.
• Experience writing technical documentation for API’s and component frameworks.
• Experience using and integrating JavaScript unit testing and unit testing frameworks.
• Experience using and integrating automatic Visual Testing frameworks.
• Experience with animation, including SVG, CSS/JS-based, etc.
• Experience fixing performance issues and using performance monitoring tools.

Client Description:

This client is a fantastic consideration for those who want to combine working with a large retail brand and a true “do-good”, customer-centric focus. Most people we’ve placed here say the company’s loyalty to and personalization within the healthcare services industry is a standout characteristic. Their approach to this way of thinking about their business and the industry is having a direct impact on the size of the teams, and we’re seeing massive growth. What a time to get involved!

This client:

  • Is considered by Fast Company to be amongst the most innovative companies

  • Is listed by Forbes as one of the world’s most admired companies

  • Makes it their mission to guide people toward better health

    • This includes altering the products they offer at retail to more health-conscious offerings!

Our client has recently made a move toward a major merger, which means this is a great time to get involved! Two big industry brands coming together.

Working here gets you into a fast-paced environment, with tons of cross-functional working relationships. You’d have exposure to a number of teams related to any project you’re working on, and we sometimes see freelancers convert to permanent employees on teams they’ve had the opportunity to interact with. This is definitely a standout opportunity!