Usability Researcher

Redmond, WA
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Tova Dodge

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This Media Group of a large global tech org empowers customers to achieve more with media. Video is changing the way that professionals present their work, teach skills, and provide information to coworkers. Our team is committed to democratizing video creation and making people more productive and connected with video. We want everyone to be able to express their ideas and communicate with video across work, school, and life. 
We are committed to connecting with our customers and learning about their real needs and behaviors, so that we can craft products that our customers will love. Are you excited to be a researcher that will help us conduct research and create opportunities to connect with customers? Do you believe research can help build our culture of customer obsession and get our team meeting customers? 
In this job you will work side-by-side with designers, product managers, and engineers to determine how best to engage in research that will answer their customer questions. You will arrange opportunities for them to meet customers and get the answers they need. You will train our team on standards for minimizing bias when meeting users, promote standard research methodologies, and analyze research and communicate results across the team. 
1. You will engage with team members to help them figure out what research questions to deploy at various stages of development. You will guide them in ways to best answer these questions. 
2. You will analyze research data to identify patterns and uncover customer insights. 
3. You will advocate research findings through writing, videos, and presentation to help team members make customer-centered decisions. 
4. You will dig through existing research to find previously-discovered answers to questions. 
5. You will direct coworkers to resources for conducting research on their own. 
6. You will schedule customers and time for team members to interact with them. 
Do you love people? This position calls for an individual that is comfortable taking initiative contacting and interacting with a variety of people. Are you great at advising on research best-practices and conducting research? If so, this position may be for you. 
Required Skills 
• Excellent interpersonal skills. Abilities to comfortably make connections with new people and correspond with varieties of audiences are essential. 
• Knowledge of research methods, including usability testing, human observational research, reducing bias in interviews, and writing questionnaires. 
• Good self-direction and initiative. 
• Strong organization and planning skills. 
• Experience in customer interaction and effectively partnering with development teams to improve user experience based on research results. 
• BA/BS in Human-Computer Interaction, Cognitive Science, Psychology, Anthropology, Social Science or related discipline or equivalent practical experience. 
Desired Skills 
• Experience with visual and video creation tools such as Photoshop, PPT, and Premiere or equivalent to visualize insight information. 
• Strong aptitude for learning new technologies and skills, and flexibility in decision-making and the way you work. You demonstrate an openness and growth mindset in all that you do.