Digital Illustrator

Redmond, WA
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Bob Bailey

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Are you excellent at creating digital art? Can you create amazing effects on top of both hand-drawn and 3D rendered graphics? Do you have an eye for stunning graphic design and motion graphics? Do you want to create inspiring video game art for a wide demographic? If so, then we want to hear from you. 

As a Digital Illustrator, you will be working with the Design Director and the Producers to create art assets that drive the visual identity of our gaming products.

- Produce 2D art for game screens, gameplay elements, menus, websites, and presentations. 
- Create “3D-looking elements” whether by hand or by using a 3D program to create simple objects or scenes to use in the final 2D compositions. 
- Create quick sketches/mockups of desired art with a few different styles. 
- Work closely with the Design team to contribute to the unique and exciting graphical look of the games, websites, and presentations. 
- Be willing to iterate the same piece of art or screen several times before arriving at the final product. 
- Be willing to research and learn new technology, tools, and programs.

- 4+ years as a digital illustrator or graphic designer 
- Extensive experience with PhotoShop, Illustrator, and After Effects. 
- Understanding of color, tonal, and compositional principles of imaging. 
- Strong ability to create hand-drawn and painted digital illustrations. 
- Some experience in Flash or a similar graphics motion/animation tool. 
- Passion for creating world-class graphic art and motion graphics. 
- Excellent in-person and written communication skills. 
- Ability to accept constructive feedback and work cooperatively as a member of a team 
- Ability to communicate with other artists and designers visually using quick thumbnail sketches or drawings. 
- Comfortable in a fast-paced environment with a lot of iteration and tight turnaround 
- A great online portfolio that demonstrates your ability to relate to a casual games aesthetic and execute a variety of different styles at a high level. 

- If you also enjoy and play casual or mobile games in your spare time. 
- Some experience/knowledge in 3D programs.