Full Stack Content Developer

Redmond, WA/Remote
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Jessica Goodson

Job Description:

Our content team is looking for a full stack, open source developer to write developer code samples that use Cloud/IoT and will be used in customer facing technical documentation. 

Responsibilities include: 
• Develop customer-focused content, articles, tutorials, code samples, scripts, and end-to-end solutions that use Cloud services. 
• Work with customers, the community, and engineering partners to continually improve the content and drive great, real-world cloud solutions. 
• Developer will work with client team to define samples and target programming languages 
• Start developing samples in the different programming languages 
• Code will be compliant with standards 
• Unit test will be written if necessary 
• Respond to reviewer feedback and incorporate feedback as needed. 
• Deliver documentation according to specifications and priorities provided by content team. 
• Use content team tools, process, and publishing guidelines to deliver high quality documentation. 

We are looking for developers who can write: 

• 3 years professional development experience, working with 1 more managed languages such as C#, Java, Python, or Node. 
• Working knowledge and job experience with at least two programming languages, which can include any from the above list. 
• Job experience working with Windows and Linux operating systems. 
• Some samples of technical content, and some indication of the person’s affinity for writing technical content. I will consider folks who are strong in the other quals and don’t have much writing background, but they must be able to demonstrate and convince me that they have some desire/affinity for writing content. Even if they just wrote articles in their high school newspaper. 
• Highly desirable: 
o 1+ years experience working as a developer with a cloud platform such as Azure or AWS.