Pharmacy Communications Consultant

Hartford County
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W2, Hourly, Depends on Experience
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Kimberley Strayer

Job Description:

We are seeking a Pharmacy Communications Consultant for a major Healthcare client. The perfect candidate would be responsible for marketing communications tactics for assigned areas, as well as support weekly execution of numerous personalized customer letters related to Plan Coverage and associated changes. Scope of responsibility will include managing input data files, reviewing letter outputs and partnering with peers to understand communication needs.  This role will require focus on quality implementation at a detailed level. Understanding of traditional direct marketing data practices is valuable (e.g. mapping data to letter templates for personalization).  Comfort with detailed data review for accuracy is crucial.  Ability to interact with Clinical, Marketing, data process and Pharmacy Benefit Implementation partners to ensure quality control and reliable resolution of issues is important. Campaigns will primarily be traditional direct mail.


  • Support quality execution of customer letters to support required communication related to Formulary Drug List changes, Utilization Management rules (Step Therapy, Prior Auth), Pharmacy Network changes and Therapy Management programs.
  • Work collaboratively with Clinical, Operations, Marketing and the mail shop.
  • Leverage analytical and data skills to execute the mailing process. Leverage input lists to define targeted population for data pull. As necessary, manipulate data files (via Excel, Access) to manage and evaluate data components of inputs and outputs that define the targeting rules to reach customers.
  • Interact with Pharmacy Implementation Managers and Clinical Account Managers to understand client intent in regard to Pharmacy plan elections, including formulary drug lists and pharmacy network changes.
  • Coordinate multiple facets of personalized communications including compilation of campaign inputs such as client account information, drug lists, pharmacy lists, etc. Communications dynamically populate customer-specific data based on list input.
  • Scope of responsibility will range from managing input data files, reviewing letter outputs and partnering with peers to understand communication needs.
  • Coordinate with print/mail vendors to ensure timely production of letters.
  • Audit data to facilitate quality control for segmented target lists and reviewing samples from print/mail partner vendors. Reconcile variable data on letters back with the data file.
  • Assist in testing associated with I.T. changes to programs or communications.

Client Description:

Our national insurance industry client practices what it preaches, and has a strong health and wellness focus as part of their company culture. As a part of their organization, even as a freelancer, you can expect to be included in that culture!

What else can you expect from this organization?

  • As a congenial and collaborative culture, they’ll welcome you as an equal contributor, and value your opinion when it comes to creative and marketing project creation and delivery.

  • They’re fully committed to an Agile environment, adopting and utilizing standard Agile practices daily.

  • These folks are committed to getting it right, and as such, are quite focused on metrics and ROI. “Measure twice, cut once” is a common phrase that could possibly apply to their project teams. That’s why they value candidates with previous knowledge and experience in designing & managing to drive metrics, and have a keen eye for those with insurance industry experience.

    • Prior knowledge of and familiarity with industry acronyms is a plus.

  • This is very much a matrixed organization, so bring your A-game and communication skills! You’ll be networking with any number of stakeholders related to your creative and marketing projects.

  • Being a larger corporation, the meeting schedule is sometimes heavy. With a strong ability to stay organized and focused on your deliverable, you’ll thrive here!

Certain locations benefit from on-site fitness center facilities, Starbucks, and free parking. Our advice? Bring your walking shoes! Your day has a built in mini-workout. Parking in the CT facility tends to be a bit of a walk from the (very large!) main building, but that will make your fitness tracker happy!

Benefits for Consultants

Aquent talent are eligible for a generous health-and-wellness package.

Our plan includes: Medical Insurance Aquent offers access to comprehensive In and Out of Network plans, with contributions toward monthly premiums and often with eligibility within two months of starting work. Retirement Savings Plan Aquent offers a 401(k) plan, managed by a leader in the retirement field, with immediate vesting.

Other features:

  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Professional training
  • Discounts and Perks



  • Detail and process-oriented with strong organization and tracking skills
  • Customer-centric orientation
  • Ability (and desire) to dive deep into data, including quality control and review of test data to ensure reliable execution of campaigns and communications.
  • Strong Excel and Access database skills are invaluable to be able to manage and evaluate data components of inputs and outputs
  • Operational understanding of direct marketing and using input data to generate targeted communications
  • General understanding of PBM landscape and formulary management would be helpful
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work across a highly matrixed environment
  • Ability to research and analyze to solve problems from a practical perspective
  • Positive and team-oriented attitude and approach to getting work done

Required Skills: 






Additional Skills:










Successful candidates will be asked to complete a background check and drug test prior to start.