Production Designer

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Luisiana Cruz

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This is a Production Designer position. 
Manage Copy document for Specialty and Factory store signgage to ensure all signage is accounted for, designed to brand standards, correct copy, and production ready. 
• Create all of the templated signage and help with new design signage. 
• Collect all signage from designers and make sure signs are following correct layout, color, size and brand specs. 
• Route all signage and complete changes. 
• Work with designers on image selections, design and changes. 
• When the SSB is released I delegate to the designers who will work on which signs depending on the nature of the sign and brand. 
• Work closely with marketing and copy to ensure the SSB is correct. 
• Pre-press all files before going to studio. 
• Manage all of the teams photo retouching needs (Windows/Instore/signage) 
• Create and maintain all templates and file organization. 
• Prepare (print, trim, board, mockup) all mockups for presentation. 
• Design and production of all test signage. 
• Retouch images for in-house needs. 
• Prepare and handoff all images to the retouching team. 
• Markup/review and approve retouched images from vender. 
• Ensure all files are created and released correct and adhere to timelines. 
• Serve as a liason between creative and studio. 
• Attend briefing 
• Layout and prepare Lumis/mechos/lobby posters files for vendor. 
• Ensure everything released adheres to brand standards. 
• Assist building MDB’s and Guideline decks 
• Maintain all colors, specs, templates, fonts to ensure team is consistent 
• Assist in setting up IC for walk-through 

Client Description:

Our Client is an Fortune 500 Apparel Retailer that has grown from a single store to a global business throughout its 46 year run!

Talent placed here are given the autonomy to be hands-on decision makers from day one. The company's leadership assumes a supportive role and applies a collaborative management style, offering the guidance and insight to help transform your suggestions into strategies.

This is an environment where co-workers are constantly challenging each other to learn and grow in their roles every day, which energizes the office, and creates forward motion, both on a personal level, and as a company. They’re experimenting with their digital reach, using tech as a catalyst for industry change - both online and in stores. With such robust focus and investment on innovation, employees have the opportunity to directly contribute to the changing landscape of the retail world!

The company culture here is one of relaxed, inclusive community with an ever-present focus on learning and development - both for the individual team member as well as the projects and initiatives that are driving the company forward. And, with tons of cool volunteering opportunities and initiatives, employees have the chance to become influential community leaders as they work for positive change.