Systems Online Producer

Round Rock, TX
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Gavin Freeman

Job Description:


  • Develops marketing and communications plans and activities for specific product(s) or solution(s)
  • Oversees market research, monitors competitive activity and identifies customer needs
  • Oversees the analysis and evaluation of key market statistics and customer requirements to define product/solution strategies and identify opportunities to expand market share
  • Maintains current status of customer requirements for existing and future products/solutions
  • Supports product/solution

Day to Day Responsibilities:

• Identify unique online pathing and merchandising opportunities for solutions.

  • Recognize industry best practices (regional, global and competitive) and implement, where applicable.

• Ensure compliance with branding guidelines

• Ensure compliance with online audits (naming conventions, logos where available, messaging, etc.).

  • Deliver 90% or greater treatment consistency across product lines in NA (enabling customer comparison and optimizing Search performance), and 75% or greater treatment consistency across product lines in other Regions.

• Ensure the landing page is up to date, and inclusive of all available offers 

• Serve as an internal ambassador and working with design team to develop site assets as part of promotional campaigns.

• Develop learning/content in customer friendly terms to explain complex technology.

• Analyze business trends to optimize operational metrics for the Online business.

• Develop and execute a website testing plan to optimize website pages to reduce leakage/bounce rates and improve mix-shift and upsell.

• React quickly and decisively to business pressures to maximize conversion.

• Partnership with brand & sales teams to formulate and execute online merchandising for promotional campaigns, product launches, etc.

• Collaboration on, and project management of, long term site enhancements.


• The individual contributor has a strong grasp of the online/eCommerce space with excellent project management and communication skills.

• Understanding of PC business across e-commerce landscape and purchase triggers

• Passion for E-Commerce & online sales

• Experience with online experience projects

• Experience working with and influencing cross-functional teams

• Excellent written and verbal communication skills

• Strong organizational agility and interpersonal skills; ability to work independently, quickly and thoroughly under multiple deadlines

Client Description:

Our client offers so much! Work in a corporate setting for a major technology company, but have the feeling that you’re in an agency. How do they do that? Check this out:

  • They offer flexible schedules to promote work/life balance. Need to pick drop the kids off at school before getting in? No worries! They get it!

  • They understand that although you’re freelancing, you’re still interested in growing your career path. They invest in learning & promote creativity on their projects, teams, and with individuals. Freelancers are included in things like team off-sites. Not something you see every day!

  • They recognize freelancers as members of their teams who are helping to get the same projects across the finish line. There’s no separation here. You’re part of the team! They’ll tend to offer up permanent conversion to most freelancers after an extended period of freelance.

  • They encourage growth beyond your job title. They understand that value comes from growth, and the growth is a 360 degree thing. Interested in enhancing your current skill set with complementary skills? This is the place! They allow work on projects outside your core competencies, in order to build new strengths.

Have no fear that you’ll fit in here. They make it work, and accept you as part of the team!