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San Francisco
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Mali Gupta

Job Description:

Awesome FinTech company is offering a unique opportunity in San Francisco!


About the role:
We're looking for a technical-minded designer who is passionate about bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds. But, above all, we're looking for an extremely motivated thought partner who gets stuff done.

As a member of the Creative Technology team, you'll have the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects targeted for the unique café space.

Previously, our innovation pipeline has included a real-time interactive animated character to help kids have conversations about money, capacitive ink posters to map people's financial personas to superpowers, and an Augmented Reality experience to teach people about credit. You'll be expected to not only take ownership of a project in the Creative Technology portfolio but also, to take an active role in contributing project ideas to help define our innovation portfolio backlog.

Job Responsibilities:
•    Deliver superior creative and innovative products
•    Independently analyze, research, and conduct case studies to evaluate existing products and programs
•    Create conceptual / visual ideas spanning a variety of integrated areas
•    Execute proper and innovative work in all areas on schedule
•    Play with multiple platforms and technologies, so be prepared to leave your comfort zone

Some ways you might describe yourself:
•    You're known for always having side projects outside of work. You use these side projects to satisfy your need to be challenged, work with new technologies, grow your skill set in other areas and solve unique problems.
•    You've probably attended (and won prizes at) hackathons before.
•    Your friends and family reach out to you for help about everything... They call on you when their Apple TV isn't mirroring, when the dimmer in their living room doesn't work, when they can't figure out how to move their old photos onto their new phone, and when their cat has a fever. The obscurity of the topic doesn't matter -- they know they can count on you to figure it out.
•    You don't wait around for somebody to tell you the answer to a question. You Google it, look it up on Stack Overflow or scour Reddit to find unique solutions.
•    You don't need constant supervision, reminders, or self-assurances.
•    You'll think about the team, the product, and the customer as all a part of your own business; it needs a purpose -- whether to solve a problem, entertain, educate, or delight -- and you'll measure its performance against these goals.
•    You don't wait for the next order to be issued.
•    You seek opportunities to build the case for where the team needs to move next in order to bring the greatest impact.

Team Player
•    You’re equally as much an individual contributor as a team player.
•    You always circle back to make sure the whole team is on board before making big decisions.
Confident but humble
•    You work hard to design the most personal, surprising, and delightful experiences people have ever seen.
•    You'll teach the team what you know, but also be humble enough to learn from others.
•    You share ideas early and often to get buy-in from stakeholders - You understand the importance of making stakeholders and business partners feel included in the process.

Basic Qualifications / Requirements:
-    In-depth knowledge and experience within a relevant discipline
(Human-Computer Interaction, Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Interaction Design)
-    Proven experience of launched services that have been implemented in the real world
-    Experience with and knowledge of hardware, front-end code, and 3D-modeling software
-    Willingness and ability to jump in and learn

Preferred Qualifications:
-    Ideally, you have some experience with hardware, front-end code, and 3D-modeling software, but since you're such a fast learner, you could pick any of these skills up quickly.
-    Double bonus if you have experience working end-to-end, since research, testing, and iteration is a large part of what drives our work.


Client Description:

This client puts its money where its mouth is. As a leading financial services and tech company, they’re constantly pushing the envelope to adapt and stay ahead of trends - whether it’s trends in financial products or in the way they treat their customers. Our client sets the bar in customer experience.

Our Talent are working with “best-in-class” global marketing teams on omni-channel campaigns, leveraging innovative technologies to drive customer engagement. AQUENT Talent work alongside full-time employees presenting ideas to stakeholders and influencing business decisions every day.

Working here:

  • You’ll be pushed to bring thoughtful creative and marketing ideas to the table

  • You’ll be collaborating in an Agile environment to deliver purposeful projects

  • You’ll be working with a global brand - meeting customers where they live by leveraging AI, ML and VR