Dynamics Artist

Redmond, WA
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Bob Bailey

Job Description:

We are excited to share this artist position, specializing in developing dynamic assets to be used for physics and interactive gameplay experiences. Experience with 3D modeling, rigging, animation and scripting with an eye for detail to create realistically transforming and deforming elements. Strong collaboration and communication skills are also required to work closely with multiple disciplines including art and design. Technical Art experience is a plus. 


Build and develop dynamic assets based off specific requirements and performance needs. 
Take existing/given art assets and setup to be dynamic with desired behaviors and functionality. 
Develop rigs and animations for assets. 
Coordinate with design to help develop gameplay assets. 
Troubleshoot dynamic assets to ensure desired behaviors as well as meeting memory budgets and performance goals. 
Ensure all dynamic assets meet production technical standards requirements. 

Qualifications & Skills 

Experience with Autodesk Maya required, Photoshop and/or Substance Designer preferred. 
Modern game development principles and techniques. 
Rigging, skinning and animation of objects that involve physics-based motion and mechanics. 
Able to understand technical concepts and be able to quickly get up to speed on new content tools pipelines. 
Time management and communication skills. 
Scripting experience preferred in one or more of the following areas: Python, Mel, Lua