Senior Copywriter

Round Rock, TX
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Katie Denfeld

Job Description:


You: Love words, write great copy, and have inherent self-discipline. You are passionate about your work, have a sense of humor, and value your team. You tend to take risks, and are driven by the opportunities to make a difference. You are excited to create integrated campaigns, get them out to the masses, and are the best storyteller for the job.


Detailed Job Description:

  • Develops high levels of proficiency in creation of online deliverables (product-description pages, site banners, and coming soon/family pages) within prescribed deadlines.
  • Generates significant contributions to marcom messaging projects and can carry projects independently.
  • Shows mastery of brand voice.
  • Nurtures big-picture, strategic-thinking skills.
  • Regularly contributes to the peer review process.
  • Becomes intimately familiar with products.
  • Demonstrates an ability to write for any vehicle, across consumer and commercial product lines.
  • Exhibits strong communication skills and a drive to ask questions and obtain clarity around directives.
  • Possesses basic client-presentation and idea-selling skills.
  • Implements and maintains brand voice, tone and style for both national and global audiences.
  • Engages in multiple projects simultaneously.


Day to Day Activities:

  • Collaborate with art directors, designers, creative supervisors, and integrated team plus other copywriters to create engaging and memorable concept-driven campaigns aimed at prospects, customers and influencers. Channels include print, broadcast, digital display, and landing pages for all stages of consumer funnel: awareness, familiarity, consideration, purchase, and retention
  • Take the lead in creating compelling content and inventive solutions for integrated campaigns that uphold the brand
  • Research, explore, and communicate best practices in copywriting and discern which competitive ideas are most effective
  • Provide marketing and relationship support content in the form of emails, flyers, and signage


 List of must haves for contractor to be successful in this role:

  • 7-10 years of agency experience (either advertising or interactive)
  • Creative portfolio demonstrating ability to develop concept-driven work 
  • Passion for learning, education and the next new thing
  • A background of enduring the rigors of fast-paced projects and demanding creative environments
  • Exceptional writing skills, attention to detail and follow-through.


Client Description:

Our client offers so much! Work in a corporate setting for a major technology company, but have the feeling that you’re in an agency. How do they do that? Check this out:

  • They offer flexible schedules to promote work/life balance. Need to pick drop the kids off at school before getting in? No worries! They get it!

  • They understand that although you’re freelancing, you’re still interested in growing your career path. They invest in learning & promote creativity on their projects, teams, and with individuals. Freelancers are included in things like team off-sites. Not something you see every day!

  • They recognize freelancers as members of their teams who are helping to get the same projects across the finish line. There’s no separation here. You’re part of the team! They’ll tend to offer up permanent conversion to most freelancers after an extended period of freelance.

  • They encourage growth beyond your job title. They understand that value comes from growth, and the growth is a 360 degree thing. Interested in enhancing your current skill set with complementary skills? This is the place! They allow work on projects outside your core competencies, in order to build new strengths.

Have no fear that you’ll fit in here. They make it work, and accept you as part of the team!