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Round Rock, TX
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Jordyn Hively

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We are looking for an E-Commerce Online Brand Merchant. Are you looking for an entry level position with a large tech company? E-Commerce experience required. Apply today!



  • Develops marketing and communications plans and activities for specific product(s) or solution(s)
  • Oversees market research, monitors competitive activity, and identifies customer needs
  • Oversees the analysis and evaluation of key market statistics and customer requirements to define product/solution strategies and identify opportunities to expand market share
  • Maintains current status of customer requirements for existing and future products/solutions
  • Supports product/solution


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Our client's online team is looking for eager, hard-working, creative candidates with strong organizational skills, analytical skills, and attention to detail. This candidate should be results-driven and team oriented. This candidate will play a critical role in managing and driving brand growth for strategic brands. This role is an ideal starting place for a dynamic career in the rapidly growing e-commerce space. Candidate will develop skills to work across all functional retail areas to grow and improve brand partnerships. Ideal candidate will be a strong team player with a positive, energetic, and "can-do" attitude, as well as a strong eye for detail and the ability to focus on the “big picture”.

Key Tasks:

  • Create and analyze a wide range of site merchandising efforts to grow brand traffic, awareness, customer conversion, and revenue
  • Analyze sales and key metrics to identify business opportunities
  • Provide recommendations to improve sales and margin
  • Build and maintain brand store
  • Coordinate and create launch plans for new products
  • Maintain product pages
  • Manage site placement and promotions
  • Develop reporting for merchandising campaigns, using web analytics tools.
  • Provide weekly financial updates including RPV (revenue per visit), MPV (margin per visit), and total attainment
  • Work with web analytics and multi-variant testing to develop strategic merchandising plans.
  • SEO maintenance of brand and product content

Client Description:

Our client offers so much! Work in a corporate setting for a major technology company, but have the feeling that you’re in an agency. How do they do that? Check this out:

  • They offer flexible schedules to promote work/life balance. Need to pick drop the kids off at school before getting in? No worries! They get it!

  • They understand that although you’re freelancing, you’re still interested in growing your career path. They invest in learning & promote creativity on their projects, teams, and with individuals. Freelancers are included in things like team off-sites. Not something you see every day!

  • They recognize freelancers as members of their teams who are helping to get the same projects across the finish line. There’s no separation here. You’re part of the team! They’ll tend to offer up permanent conversion to most freelancers after an extended period of freelance.

  • They encourage growth beyond your job title. They understand that value comes from growth, and the growth is a 360 degree thing. Interested in enhancing your current skill set with complementary skills? This is the place! They allow work on projects outside your core competencies, in order to build new strengths.

Have no fear that you’ll fit in here. They make it work, and accept you as part of the team!